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DS! handmade hair accessories and wristcuffs

My feedback is here. Additionally I have 100% positive feedback on etsy, ebay and my personal journal too :)

The rules are simple:

Prices are non negotiable.

I ship with normal shipping, if you want insured shipping I can go ask about that in the post office but please bare in mind that shipping from Belgium is stupidly expensive as it is so registered mail or EMS will probably be something dire :(
I am happy to combine shipping, ask me for a quote on shipping because I need to recalculate how much it'll be depending on the items you want.

I cannot be held accountable for loss or damages due to the post's fault, although I have to say that from all the things I've shipped abroad nothing has ever gotten lost or damaged *touches wood that it stays that way*

I accept bank transfer but ONLY from people living in Belgium (in fact I vastly prefer that for people living in Belgium). Everyone else needs to pay with paypal. Leave me a comment with your paypal address, your country of residence and your email.

I do NOT do Livejournal PMs, if you wish to reach me privately you can do so on my email hildekitten at gmail dot com

Handmade wristcuffs
Every pair costs € 15, shipping NOT included.
If you live in Belgium, shipping is € 2.
Shipping in Europe is € 5
Shipping in the rest of the world is € 8

Fushia wristcuffs with fushia faux pearls and hotpink lace & heart

fushia wristcuffsfushia wristcuffs

Wristcuffs with gorgeous white & cream flowers and butterflies embroidery. The lace is longer than the traditional wristcuff lace but I personally think that doesn't matter at all :) I am selling two different pairs of this. One with cream ribbon and one with red ribbon. If you want a pair, please specify which!

long butterfly & flowers lace wristcuffslong butterfly & flowers lace wristcuffs
long butterfly & flowers lace wristcuffs

Bright blue wristcuffs with purple faux pearls and star bead. They're a tad darker in real life, but I can't convince my camera to get the colour right. They're a lot prettier in real life.

blue wristcuffsblue wristcuffs

Brown wristcuffs with music print bow and key charm

Music bow wristcuffs

Black wristcuffs with black pearls

black wristcuffs

handmade hair accessories

Headbows cost € 15
Shipping within Belgium is € 2,5
Shipping to the rest of the world is € 8
(they have to go in a larger padded enveloppe than the wristcuffs to the post charges me more to ship them)

1. Halloween candy hairband

Halloween headbow 3Halloween headbow 3: detail

2. Christmas double headbow

Christmas headbow 1Christmas headbow 1

3. Christmas double headbow

christmas headbow 2christmas headbow 2
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