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!! DS: AP, BTSSB, Bodyline, DoL (Please take a look <3)

- The first one who leaves the paypal adress and who's willing to pay within 24 hours get's the item.
-Shipping is not includes. Please ask and tell me your country for the calculation.
- All items are clean and in great condition. Exception: If i refer at any stains and flaws.
- All prices are shown in Euro/US-Dollar.
- I ship within a week (cause i have to buy the packages and shipping stuff before.)
- PLEASE NOTE: Oversea shipping is always expensive.

Here's my feedback:

So let's start:

I. BTSSB - Embroidered JSK (Fruit Basket?)

Price: 60 € / $ 80

Bust: max. about 98 cm
Waist: max. about 80 cm
Lenght: 83 cm

II. AP - Ichigo Millefleurs Handbag

Price: 40 € / $ 55

III. BTSSB - Ribbon Heart JSK

Price: 130 € / $ 180

Bust: 82 - max. 96 cm
Waist: 70 cm - max. 76 cm
Lenght: about 88 cm

IV. Bodyline Neckholder JSK
(It isn't available about Bodyline-Homepage anymore)

Price: 50 € / $ 70

Bust: max. 98 cm
Waist : max. 78 cm
Lenght (from the Bust-Part): ca. 78 cm

Thank you for your time <3

Tags: !ds, *replica, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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