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DT: + Sugary Carnival Parka

Please Read The Information Below, Thank you!


Shipping is not included, please ask for an estimate.
I accept paypal
I'm located in Minneapolis, MN, USA.
I have a smoke free apartment, however I do have a pet rabbit.
Will look at offers, but sales preferred.

Now on to the Things

- Strawberry Alpacas Removed -

DT: I reserve the right to refuse a trade or offer, but will look at and consider most offers for trade. If I don't see any good trade offers I may decide to sell.

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Parka in SAX. I am the second owner and it has been worn, otherwise in good condition. I've worn it twice, but have decided I'd rather trade or partial trade it for an item that I will use more often.

My photo: Photobucket

I am looking to trade or partial trade for:
Angelic Pretty Sheep Garden
Other Sugary Carnival items (skirts)
Dresses that can be worn without blouses
And things and prints with Mermaids or Princesses.

I prefer Angelic Pretty and BTSSB, but will look at all brands and offers.


Angelic poodle link:


Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, offbrand
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