Alanna (raydance) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Attn: Looking for user candythreads/Skylar

I post on behalf of sassystrawberry and myself, and refer to this particular comms post where candythreads posted an !AFC for her octopus skirts. The post was in early May and we made the order and received confirmation soon after the post went up.

According to the post, we would receive the skirts "1-2 months later", so presumably July, or August the latest. It is now October, and we have heard pretty much nothing from candythreads regarding this order, despite multiple attempts over August and September to contact her via email, her new email and her Facebook page.

We'd appreciate it if one of the others who ordered the skirt could let us know if they received their orders, or if anyone else could let us know a more reliable way of reaching her. Her most recent post here was 8th October 2011, so she is relatively active on the comms. I've also just left her a comment on that post.

Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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