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!DS - Candy Violet Paris Chic in Blue, cutsew, sweet rings, mini witch hat

My feedback is here.
Want to buy? Great!
Please leave your paypal address and I will invoice you. You will have 24 hours to pay the invoice or respond with questions or make other
arrangements. If you need longer, you must notify me within that timeframe. I will hold for no longer than 24 hours if you fail to respond after I send the invoice. I may be able to hold items longer within reason if you contact me.
All items include paypal fees and shipping within the US.
Items will ship within 1-5 business days via USPS.
I accept any form of paypal payment, however I may not ship until payment clears (in the instance of check/cash pp)
Please notify me of your location if you would like a quote for international shipping.
I reserve the right to refuse a sale. I am not responsible for lost packages by the USPS. Notify me if you would like insurance, it will be
an additional charge.
If you have allergies, please be aware that I do own a cat, but she is not allowed near my clothing.
I am not interested in trades at this time.
If you need more information or photographs of an item, just ask!

If purchasing and have no questions, post a comment with -
Item number /description
Your paypal address
Your location

1: Candy Violet Paris Chic Skirt in Sax Blue - $75 - size 2XL
This is such a pretty skirt but just not a good color for me. This comes with a FREE sax blue beret which matches the theme adorably, as well as a pin on polka-dot bow and bow shoe clips.
I am the second owner, and I bought it with two barely noticeable tea stains on the front. I can't seem to get them on my camera phone.
I'd recommend somewhere between a 38-42 waist on this, they were made to wear low on the hips but I usually wore mine at my natural waist.
Sorry it is not ironed - I just moved and have not located my iron!

2 - Candy Violet Cutsew in Cream - $18 - XL (American Apparel)
Print is clean and a slightly glittery gold. I only wore this once. Very stretchy, but would not recommend more than a 45" bust.

3 - Burgundy crushed velvet mini witch hat - $30 - 3-4" high, on a hair clip. SOLD
I bought this on etsy two years ago, and have only used it once. If you would like it before Halloween, I will ship it ASAP. It is really
adorable, well made, and will clip on to your hair securely.

Rings! All are $10 each, $6 with another purchase. From left to right!  All are on adjustable bands.
A - Blue macaron ring. Pretty, simple but cute. I have worn this a few times but is in good condition.
B - Chocolate whip ring by Candy Threads. Never worn.
C - Strawberry pastry ring (from an etsy seller lucky pack), unworn
D - Lemon yogurt (?) ring (from the same etsy seller), unworn
Any of these items are available free with purchase. Just let me know.
Bunny ears - blue hair clip with pink lace - pink polkadot headband - blue polkadot headband
Hasty proof photo here (some items not posted on this sale)
Someday I'll be done unpacking!

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