Kat (restlesspuppy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT: Starry Night Theatre skirt in blue

TRADED thanks!

- my feedback is here.
- my location is within Australia
- I live in a smoke and pet-free home!

Starry Night Theatre skirt in blue;
I've only worn this once, it's not really my style, and doesn't match my wardrobe as well as I'd like, so I'm eager to find it a new home~
Proof pictures;

and I'm aware that a replica of this skirt has been released, but mine is from AP.

Thank you for looking! I'd like to trade for;
+ Cherry Berry Bunny Heart skirt (any colour)
+ Twinkle Ornament skirt - any colour
+ Milky-Chan of the Faun skirt (any colour)
+ Toy Parade skirt (any colour)
+ Memorial Cake skirt (any colour)
+ Dreamy Dollhouse skirt in pink or purple
+ Wonder Party skirt in pink or blue
- I'm open for other AP items, but these would be wonderful.
+ I'm also looking for some bags/headbows/shoes by AP for partial trades, too. :)

Thank you!

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty

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