magnifiquesweets (magnifiquesweet) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Handmade Angelic Pretty inspired headpieces, top hat, headbow, purse, bows, bodyline shoes

Feedback found here!

-shipping from California
-home does have pet
-prices include shipping fee for US residents only, please ask for shipping fees for elsewhere
-after items are mailed out it is not my responsibility for items anymore
Thank you for looking :)

Lolita maid-style headpiece(handmade by me) worn 3 times $18shipped(SOLD )

Top Hat(handmade entirely from scratch! by me) never worn. $45 shipped(SOLD)

Hello Kitty purse(Sanrio) used multiple times is a bit dirty inside. $25shipped.

Hello kitty chain shoulder strap here!         Inside bag here!

Pink Bows(set) handmade by me. These do not come with any kind of clips in the back. You are purchasing both of these bows they have Hello Kitty charms attached to them. The chocolate heart says(HK)   $15shipped

Pink Bodyline Heartbuckle shoes size 23.0(japan) Used a few times has visible scuffs and tiny chip $20shipped (SOLD)

Black velvet headbow(handmade by me) worn once $12shipped
detail here!    more detail here!
Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade
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