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DS/DT:Petite Angel, Foxcherry, Fanplusfriend, Innocent World

Image-Term of Sales-Image
All buyers must read the terms of sales and understand my sales rules. If you do not and make a post without the required form, I will not process the sale and it will go to the next person in line.

♥ I take payments via paypal both C.C and non C.C.
♥ I do not charge paypal fees.
♥ No E-checks, personal checks, concealed cash, or money orders please.
♥ All prices in USD and must be paid in USD.
♥ Prices do not including shipping fees.
Serious buyers only. Please do not waste my time.
♥ Buyers with allergies, please be aware that I do own two dogs.
♥ I will make sure all items are cleaned, pressed, and free of dog hair before shipping.
♥ Buyer must pay for item within 24hours, or item goes to next person who wishes to buy.

♥ Any buyer who does not pay within 24 hours and does not contact me
with the reason why no payment was made, will be left negative feedback.
♥ Buying is based on first come first serve. Sale will go to the person who leaves their paypal first.
No price haggling.
♥ I will always take more pictures upon request.
All sales are final. No refunds or returns.
♥ I will consider trade for items of equal value and quality, or partial trades. For trades I am currently looking for:

♥Classic style blouse or bolero.
♥Classic Bonnet, Shoes, tights.
♥Winter muff, stole, gloves.
♥I would really love some winter season items.

♥Colors I am looking for are kinari/ivory, chocolate/ dark brown, dusty pink, greens.
♥I prefer darker jewel tones and no prints unless they are floral.

♥A taobao brand/offbrand item of equal value off my wishlist: http://mrs-gackt-camui.livejournal.com/23705.html

^s^ I will do layaway or holds. I have very strict terms for this so please read them carefully.
^s^ I will only do holds for only 7 days (1 week).
I will send the invoice at the begging of the transaction, you will
have that 1 week to pay it. If the buyer does not pay at the end of the
hold period they will be left negative feedback and the item will go to
the next interested buyer.

^s^ Layaway I will only do for a max of 2 months.
2 month payment plan for items of $150USD and up..
1 month for items $150USD or under.
Items under $45 are excluded from payment plans and I will only do holds for them.
^s^ Payments due at a maximum of 2 week intervals. *You must make a payment every 2 weeks*
^s^ Length and duration of payment plan determined by how much you pay each time a payment is due.
^s^ Payments of less than $20USD are not allowed.
^s^ There will be a 15% down-payment due at the begging of the transaction. This is NON refundable.
^s^ If you back out of the transaction, your payments (excluding non refundable 15%) will be refunded.
^s^ Any buyer who commits to a payment plan, backs out or fails to pay WILL be left negative feedback. No exceptions.

(If you have read the terms of sale, write "Camera" in the required feild on the order form)

♥ I will ship no later than 5 days after payment is received.
♥ I ship USPS priority within the US.
♥ I ship all items with tracking numbers which cost an extra .70¢ on top normal shipping fees.
♥ If you would like a different shipping method please let me know.

♥ Shipping Internationally will vary in cost, depending on the size
of the item. Please expect higher cost, as shipping internationally is
expensive. I will do my best to get you the lowest price possible.
♥ I do recommend all buyers get insurance for their items. It is not required but highly recommended.
I will not/can not be held responsible for any lost packages, sorry.
Twice now I have had packages shipped to the UK get lost, one very
recently. I will still ship to the UK, although hesitant. I highly
recommend insurance for the item if you live in the UK that way should
it become loss, it is not a complete loss for both parties.

You can find my eglfeedback page here.
I also have personal sales feedback here on my journal.
And my forum feedback page here.

My Measurements for reference:
Bust: 84.4cm (34inch)
Waist: 66cm (26inch)
Hips: 88.9 cm (35inch)
Height: 162.56 (5'4'')

When buying please fill out the following form in either a comment here or a private message.
(If you do not fill out this forum, I will not process the sale and it will go to the next person)
Shipping method:
Insurance: y/n
To prove you have read my TOS, please write the required word here:


Petite Angel Blouse
In good condition with some slight wear around the button holes.
Square neck design with a corset back to allow for different sizes.
This blouse is great for classic and gothic styles.

Price: $32USD

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: Max 40.6cm (16inches) Min 33cm (13inch)
Waist: Max 35.6cm (14inch) Min 27.9cm (11inch)
Length: 50.8cm (20inch)

Foxcherry Sun Hat/Bonnet
In perfect condition, worn 3 times.
35cm wide, inner circumference 20cm



Aatp Replica Skirt from F+F
perfect condition, only worn a few times. Can be worn with or without
false corset. Does not come with diamond chain as I did not receive it
with one.
Waist: 66cm (Does have shirring. I would push it to 71cm max)
Length: 73cm
Price: $50USD

FF page here: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/th ... hic/Detail


Pinky Lace Bolero
In perfect condition. Worn a few times. Is a light creme color, not as yellow as in the picture.
Bust: 40cm
Waist: 38cm
Length: 38cm


I also have this Innocent World Torchon Lace Tiered Skirt in Olive that I would like to trade for another Classic or gothic skirt. Brands I would love to trade for would be Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Juliette Et Justine, Innocent World. I am looking for browns, reds and blue colors. Please no skirts that are not Classic or Gothic in style.

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