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!DS Repost: Small Closet cleanout! HMHM Alice Clock skirt, two 69th Series shirts

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my first closet clean out! I am new Lolita and everyone knows that when you're a beginer you make lots of mistakes when purchasing your first Lolita clothes ^_^' I've just recived my first order from Taobao and after trying on everything I decided that some of the clothes don't suit me as I thought they will. I thought I will look good in round collar shirts, but I sadly I don't (high necks are more suitable for me...). Therefore I have to let then go, hopefully they will be perfect for someone else :)

Before purchasing, please read this boring but really important rules:

* Priority goes to person who will leave Paypal first!!!

* I ship from UK and all the currencies are in British Pounds

* I accept ONLY Paypal.

* I always keep a proof of postage (recipt). I try to post everything using the cheapest simple shipping (air mail), but if you wish I can post your parcel tracked, recorder with additional cost (please ask!)

* After shipping, I have no control over the parcel and I can't be responsible for lost and damaged parcels. Morover if the parcel would be lost (fingers crossed!) unfortunately I won't be able to give refund

* I live in a pet / smoke free flat

* All the measurement are taken by me, flat on the floor, so the're might be a sllight error.

* My feedback link is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1368728.html I've only been selling handmade deco sweets before on Etsy, so if you'd like you can check my previous feedback, prooving that I am a trusted person ^_^


1. Sixty-Ninth Department Cream Blouse  SOLD!
UK shipped £28
Worldwide shipped £33

Condition: BRAND NEW (there was no tags attached)


Cream colour

Chest 82cm

Waist 68cm

No shirring on the back

2. Sixty-Ninth Department Green Khaki Blouse 
UK shipped £28
Worldwide shipped £33

Condition: BRAND NEW (there was no tags attached)

Size S

Colour Green khaki, although it was said on the HMHM listing that it's a special blue.

It is really nice grey-ish, khaki colour, perfect for classic or gothic Lolitas. 

Chest 82cm

Waist 68cm

No shirring on the back

Stock photo of the green/khaki shirt:

Colour comparison of these three shirts:

(the white shirt on the right is SOLD!)

4. HMHM ALICE CLOCK Embroidered Velveteen Skirt in Dark Navy Blue SOLD!
UK shipped £50
Worldwide £60

Condition; BRAND NEW (there was no tags attached)
This is really bad photo because of the light in my room. Please check photos below for more real colour.


It's a dark navy blue velvet fabric. Very thick and nice, perfect for coming winter! (i was hoping to wear it on winter but I ordered wrong colour! :( Detachable silver deco with grey/silver ribbon. 
Lenght of this chain is 34cm, could be used as a bracelet or bag charm ^o^ Lovely silver embroidery with sewnon white pearls around the clock. Black lining underneath

Size M
Measurements from HMHM listing:
Waist 68 Skirt Length 50 

Stock photo in different colour:

Photo of different dress in the same colour to give an idea of the exact colour:

Thank you for checking my listing! :) Mini Mo

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