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EA: Various Aristocrat, Sweet, & Classic Auctions (Offbrand & BTSSB)

Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html
I’m selling a few of my offbrand pieces and a BTSSB white cutsew dress on eBay, and everything is super cheap as I need it all gone! There’s a bit of aristocrat, a bit of sweet, and a bit of classic. Please follow the links beneath each picture to the relevant auction page :)

BTSSB_cutsew_dress  SOLD - SORRY!

Ivory_lace_JSK   (currently £4.99, or £6.99 Buy-it-now)

“Cathedral”_Skirt   SOLD, SORRY!

Antique_Cream_corset  (currently £4.99 or £6.99 buy-it-now)

Beige_Classic_Waistcoat  SOLD -- SORRY!

Black_Satin_Waistcoat   (currently £4.99 or £6.99 buy-it-now)

Black_Ruffle_Blouse  (currently £2.99 or £4.99 buy-it-now)

Cherry_Pink_Cutsew (currently £2.99 or £4.99 buy-it-now)

Peach_and_Cream_Camisole  (currently £2.99)

Black_Lace_Medal_Brooch   (start at £0.99)

Jade_Butterfly_Necklace    (start at £0.99)

Teacup_Teapot_Necklace   (start at £0.99)

Parasol_Ring  (start at £0.99)

Cloud_Rings   (start at £0.99)

Thanks for taking a peek! If you have any questions about anything you can ask them here or ebay, whichever is easiest for you.
Tags: !ea, baby the stars shine bright, handmade, offbrand
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