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!WTB, !DT classic / gothic rings (size 6-7) in silver / emerald

hello all,

i'm searching for classic / gothic rings (sizes 6-7) with crown, vine, or fleur-de-lis motifs (or anything in that vein) in silver or emerald only, to complete an outfit. i've already tried my local shops / boutiques / street vendors with no luck, so i figured i'd try a shout out here, even if my chances are still pretty slim ._. the only catch is that i need this by friday 10/14 -- so i'm only entertaining offers from domestic residents; even better if you live within california! if i don't get any viable responses by tonight, i'll just chalk it up to a loss ^^;

brand doesn't matter, the design is more important. i'm open to pretty much anything, so please respond. and do quote me including shipping. thank you!♥

i have a lot of reduced angelic pretty things for trade here.
my feedback.

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