kayleighcupcake (kayleighcupcake) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Sugary Carnival Replica OP, Bodyline, AP socks

Things to read before buying:
-Prices do not include shipping
-I only accept paypal
-First to post paypal email gets priority
-I haven't shipped anything internationally but I will, please allow me time to calculate shipping :D
-I WILL look at trades!
-I am not responsible for things lost in the mail after I ship them

Feedback is here.

Bodyline Cardigan $30
-I am the second owner, only tried on by me (it doesn't fit me)
-the three bows in the front are detachable
-I am unsure of the official measurements but I would say the max bust and waist would be about 38"
-there is no damage to this that I saw

Bodyline OP SOLD

DoL Sugary Carnival OP (sax) w/ headbow SOLD

Angelic Pretty socks $20
-I do not think that these are OTKs just knee highs
-NWTs I only tried on one of these socks and realize that they would not fit.

Hello Kitty backpack $25
- I won this somewhere, but spent about $30 to win it XD
- NWTs
- Never used

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, offbrand
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