Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Nadine Brown

DS: Galbanara Bang Piece

egl feed back:

Terms of Sale
- Buyer pays shipping
- pp only; buyer pays pp fees
- Accepting out of USA buyers if buyer is willing to pay intl shipping charges.
- Will do tracking and insurance at the expence of buyer

Any questions on these terms are expected and accepted.

Demensions = 6'' x 5''in.

^--With tucking it behind my ears

^--Without tucking behind my ears...

^--Showing the clips on the backside

^--Front veiw

I was new at buying hair peices at the time.  So, I bought two bang peices.  One in dark choc and this one (my pics where I am wearing it best shows the true color).

I am open to offers on what you think it is worth (keeping in mind the above listed terms).

Thank you for looking!  Questions, comments?  Leave them here please.
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