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[DS] Angelic Pretty "Wrapping Ribbon", Pinkage Wig

- Payments via paypal  ( bank transfer for spanish people available )
- Price includes  WorldWide shipping with tracking
- I'm not responsible if the package get lost or affected during the travel. I don't make refunds.
- I don't smoke but I have two dogs that don't come to my room, but please be aware of it if you are allerfic.
- If you are not happy with the prices, please don't be afraid and make me an offer.
- Feedback: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/940482.html

Angelic Pretty Wrappen Ribbon OP in Black
Back Print Frontal Lace Damage 01Damage 02
Price: 165€ shipped worldwide
Condition: (My mother cut a little bit the sleeves, without my permission, as you can see in the damage pictures. The damage is shown at the price. Overall, the OP hasn't been worn at all).
Measurement: 90cm bust, waist free size.

Pinkage Jessica Yellow Wig
01 02
Price: 40€ shipped worldwide
Condition: (Brand new).

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, offbrand
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