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DS, DT, AatP & AP

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*Prices below do not include shipping.
*I prefer to ship within the U.S.
*Im open to offers.
*I dont take responsibility for lost packages.
*Open to payment installments. The total amount must be payed within two weeks. The item will not be shipped out until the full amount is paid.
*I only accept paypal.

Alice and the Pirates Vampire Forest Skirt-SOLD!
Only worn once. I realized Im not a fan of this color on me so Im passing this on to someone else who might love it more.
Measurements According to AaTp (these are accurate):
Waist: 60-71cm

(close up of print)

(me in dress)

Angelic Pretty Red Velvet Dress- $85
Very vintage AP dress. I am not the first owner. There are some signs of wear but nothing highly noticeable. I have included below some images of the damage. There are some areas around the lace and the velvet that have the wear. This dress is a very lovely red color. Im a size meduim in everything and this dress fits me perfect. It does have some shirring so it has room.

(wear on velvet bow, this kind of wear is apparent throughout the dress)

(wear on lace, this is apparent throughout the dress)

(front of dress)

(back of dress)

(Me in dress)

Thanks for looking!

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