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Note: I probably won't be able to respond till later this evening. Will be out till then. 
Proof Photo- My Audino with a pokemon contest ribbon! (my friend sells them so if you're interested pm me)

Baby Creamy Soda Pop Skirt Set. 140 Shipped! 
This is a great starter set, it is very versitle and can be worn in many ways because it has so many accessories accompanying it. I am not too sure on the price. so don't be scared on making an offer less than the set price :)

I am the second owner. This is a OP modified into a skirt. It  has been worn several times by me, and has been washed on delicate.
This skirt fits a size 32" but I used safety pins to fit me (27") in the back and it wasn't noticeable.

Hello Lace link to the stock photo of the OP http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/baby-the-stars-shine-bright/type/op/item/100/
The set includes:
-Detachable Apron
-Detachable waisties
-Detachable Bow
-Wire Matching Headbow
-Matching Socks

Photos of me wearing it 1, 2, 3

Photo of the Skirt 

Additional photos of the skirt
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Additional info on the Skirt- As mentioned, it was altered from a OP by the person before me so there are signs of alterations based on the photos. Much of the thread is practically not visible from first sight. I didn't notice them much when worn. Especially since the apron is on or the bow is attached and the waist ties are tied. Much of that is hidden even more with these accessories. There is some pilling on parts of the waist band and apron band because of the bow pinning and because this skirt was too big for me, so i would have to pin it to fit. 
There are some slight marks on the apron's waistband. I am not sure if they can be easily removed by a light wash, but again, its not too noticeable. 

Photo of the Headbow

Additional photos of the headbow
1, 2, 3,
Additional info on the Bow- The bow can be shapen anyway you like because of the wires. It can be as flat or as poofy as you like. You can make it appear as if there were two bows and one tail. There is a red mark on the back of the bow, but its not too visible when worn. There is some browning on the lower ends on the band, but its really hard to see and hidden when worn.

Photo of the Socks

Additional photo of the Socks
Additional Information of the Socks- These socks have been worn and washed several times. There is darkening on the sole of the foot area

View my other sales post where I would like to trade my AP bag for something else

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