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DS: h. Naoto, AATP Blouse, Skirts, Socks, Handmade, Discounts and New things!

I am located in NJ, USA, and prices will include paypal fees and basic shipping in the US (priority mail, included in the price), international please inquire.
Ican ship out most items when the transaction is completed, things i don't have the packing materials for will be shipped on fridays.
All items have not been near any animals.
First person to leave their paypal gets it, and holds are for 3 DAYS.

Proof will be both these sheets and the chicken. 

At this time I AM willing to trade items. My wishlist is as follows: Classical, modest Kuro prints and skirts, like AATP queen's coach. I like socks, and jewelry. I mostly like classical items in darker colors. I am also looking for LL (US 9) classic tea party replicas in Red. I am open minded about trades and usually have time to scroll through posts, so please feel free to ask! 

Onto the Sales!

Dark Red Rum H. Jelly Tank Top
I love this shirt a LOT, however i was always too scared to wear it and now i'm outgrowing that style. I got this in a trade many years ago from someone on the community. It is in a gently used/ used condition, made completely of soft, stretchy cotton fabric. There is a zipper and a buckle here and there. Bust 40", and Length is ~22" Asking 45 USD

AATP Kodona School blouse for MEN.
I got this in a store-only luckypack in Japan. It is the Men's size, and has some pretty kickin' cuffs. It is in excellent gently used condition but i've only worn it once or twice. It is a soft white color. B-36 MAX L 17-18 Sleeves 25. Askinf 70 USD


Damaged BPN Long blouse
I got this in the SF store, but it was too small and I tried to make it bigger with no luck, instead damaging the sleeve fabric. I was un-seaming it and the seam ripper went crazy, so there are small holes along the sleeves. There are about 10 total, the longest is about 1cm long. Other than that, the blouse is in pristine condition. It is long and you can roll up the sleeves. B-32-34, L-30.5. Asking 30 * 
* I am willing to accept lower offers on this one. I have no idea what price is "right"

Cream pearl beads on a ribbon/ pearl necklace
Can be used as a necklace, or you can take the pearls off and use them separately. the necklace is about 20 inches long, and I don't know how many beads are on the string but if you are interested i can count them for you. Made by me. Beads purchased in Hong Kong. Asking 8 USD

Blue Plaid Putumayo School Bow
It is a double bow, made of silky sateen fabric with a crown and putumayo screenprinted onto it, and also blue ribbon accents. It fastens with a clip and is adjustable. I bought this in Japan and only wore it a handful of times, it is still in new condition. Asking 30 USD

Japanese Lolita Fashion Fancier II Lolita for Relax Hardcover Book
New, flipped through once or twice. contains nice pictures and general notes about the outfits. Hard to explain, but the pictures are pretty. Asking 15 USD, will be sent by media mail in the US

Reposts & discounts!

Eyepatch (Also will remove if asked)
Bought at a convention, never worn. Has an elastic band and is comfortable to wear. 
Asking 8 6 USD

Putumayo Cat in Window JSK waistband. I bought the JSK and modified it into a skirt so i have no use for this. It is around 80 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Never used, It is wrinkly because i tried it on once. Asking 18  14 10 USD

Handmade jersey shirt with cross and butterfly appliques. Bought off the community, and is now in gently used condition. it is asymmetrical and very comfortable. Asking 25 20 15 USD

GLP size L unisex blouse with detachable vest and tails. the vest is attached with buttons, and the shirt has a tail in the back. It is very comfortable, and is ever so slightly purple(not noticeable). Bought from a GLP store in Hong Kong new, fits like an american large. Asking 35 25 20 USD

Offbrand pirate-like shirt with attached jabot. the jabot lace is a high-quality soft polyester, and the blouse has flare sleeves. The torso is a bit short. Bought in Italy. Bust ~36, waist ~34 Asking 35 25 20 USD

Green dot mid-waist skirt with black underskirt- made by me. right now it looks a little funky, but if you are purchasing it i will finish up the top for you before shipping out. I started this and almost finished, but never made it there. Includes adjustable headbow made with matching fabric. waist ~36 inches. Asking 25 20 12 USD

Peter pan collar ouji caplet. Made by me, closes with snaps. Based off the caplets from Shuugo Chara. around 26 inches long, and has an ironed-on patch. Asking 30 24 18 USD

Offbrand Heart tights: I would recommend these for someone who is shorter than 5'6". they are warm and stretchy but there isn't much give in terms of inseam. Bought new, only tried on,  6 USD
Offbrand winter tights turned knee-highs: Cream and White 4 USD.  
Offbrand blue/black thin stripe socks: OTK and Thigh 4 USD
Sock Dreams Pink and grey stripe socks- 4 USD

2 Small Peace Now bags, and a small Atelier Boz bag. around 2  1.50 1 each mailed by regular mail. 

Thank you for looking!

Naoto + skirt. 40 USD
Bodyline black skirt. 15 USD

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