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!DS: items reduced for quick sale!♥ LBC miniskirt + others

terms of service:
- paypal or local transaction only. (no e-checks, concealed cash)
- payment must be made in USD only.
- all holds require a 20% non-refundable downpayment.
- PP fees are the buyer's responsibility unless sent by gift.
- first come, first serve basis. please leave your paypal address to hold your place in line, regardless of whether or not you will end up buying (i will not invoice you until i get your approval).
- let me know ASAP if you are no longer interested.
- loss of contact after 24 hrs will be interpreted as loss of interest.
- trades for other brand items welcome, but !DS (in general) has priority.
- once the package leaves my hands, i am not responsible for any loss or damage.
- priority goes to highest offer.
- i reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone either due to negative (or no) feedback / previous bad experiences.
- unless otherwise specified, i ship via first class & recycled packaging. for international transactions, i always mark the package as a gift. value declared is up to the buyer.
- haggling within reason is allowed, but please note you may lose your place in line by offering a lower price.
feedback page: [ here ]

i'm trying to raise a bit of money for a halloween outfit, so please help me out! most items have been reduced by 20% for a quick sale =] thanks & happy shopping!

♥ little bears cafe miniskirt (mint) [ no longer for sale ]

★ AP polkadot folding mirror (black x white) (NWT)
$45 + shipping & fees

bought with the intention of having a mirror on my desk, but there is no way it's going to fit without me knocking it over D: this is a surprisingly amazing mirror — it's sturdy to the touch, and weighs quite a bit for its size. approximately 6" x 5", height is also ~6".

mirror close-up | side view | closed view | front detail | logo detail

plaid ruffle chiffon blouse (NWOT)
$15 + shipping & fees

max bust: ~41"
max waist: ~36"

brand new, only tried on for the photos (it looks much more flattering worn ^^;). fully-shirred, flared sleeves, perfect for summer or cooler weather. please excuse my derpy face -- the pics were taken in a hurry by my flatmate

flat | quarter | side | far shot

swimmer black x pink poodle watch (NWOT) [ sold ]
$8.80 + shipping & fees

assorted angelic pretty OTKs (NW[o]T)

the socks have been completely unworn, apart from trying on one of the socks of whip magic, and both of them for marine border ^^

[ full view ]

marine border (pink x sax) NWOT -- $26 + shipping & fees
whip magic (pink x mint) NWOT -- $30 + shipping & fees

sorry, but the fantastic dolly socks have already sold!

as always,
thanks for looking! x
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