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!DS: Rseries parasol, reindeer necklace, vertical striped stockings !WTB: blouse/bolero/etc

**Shipping from Singapore
** Prices in USD. Prices exclude PP fees, shipping. I will not ship without a tracking number. Tracking is an additional SGD$2.20 only anyway.
** I don't smoke. I live with my dad who does. He keeps fish and birds, my uncle moved recently but had rabbits and hamsters. My clothes are kept away from all that, but allergies beware.
** Priority to buyers/trades from Singapore, secondly the rest of Asia, lastly the rest of the world
** Give me your location so I can estimate shipping & fees
** It is your duty to inform me of any customs policies in your country, and the actions I should take in relevance to that
** Personal Feedback

Proof will be my rosin box (No rosin on the box, don't worry)

Item 1: R series parasol (VW Replica) US$16 excluding shipping & PP

Brand new. This was the first parasol I ever bought, I doubt I'll want one again! They're just not my kind of thing...
I won't recommend using this in actual rain.

Item 2: "Lolita bunny" Necklace: Current bid 9USD

I got it from this lucky draw. Please note that their stock photo is silver and I have a golden one.
Mint condition but! the clasp won't open. I was able to open it when I first received it, I stored it away for a while, never used it cos it's not my style. When taking photos, I was checking for damages. The catch was jammed. You'll probably have to replace it.

Item 3: Vertical striped stockings US$2 excluding shipping & PP free with any other purchase

I don't know how I ended up buying two pairs of the same thing.

Want to buy
- Short sleeved blouses
- Short sleeved boleros/cropped jacket/mantle/capelet (No black for this)
My H&M size is 42.
Prefer the entire blouse to be one colour unless it's checkered, or there's a print etc.
Colours: Black, White, Cream, Brown, Red, Light blue, Dark blue.
Style: I want it to be plain around the chest and waist area. Too many ruffles will bulge out under my jsks and that's not flattering at all ._.
Styles: Classic, gothic, punk, casual are welcome.
Climate: Warm and humid around 30degrees celsius all year round

Will reject:
Bodyline (had bad experience with bodyline & allergies)
High-collare blouses (skin on neck will rash no matter how soft or fluffy your fabric is XD;)
Due to budget & sizing I will probably reject brand
Colours: Pink (please, no pink), mint, purple, green
Long sleeved items
Sleeveless items

Please make your offer in the comments below, do not PM me any offers. State all your prices in USD too!

Link to old sales post: Offbrand blouse pending payment, Metamorphose cardigan left
Thank you for looking ^_^
Tags: !ds, !wtb, *replica, indie brand, offbrand, r-series, taobao
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