littlenchan (littlenchan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: White wristcuffs


Firstly, this is my feedback page:

Anyways, I am looking for  a pair of WHITE WRIST CUFFS. I would like a cheap pair, so Bodyline, handmade, replica or offbrand is properly preferred, or a pair of damaged/well-used brand wrist cuffs.

Show me what you have! And the price as well, along with shipping to the UK.

I have a yellow ETC cutsew which I'd also be willing to trade for a nicer pair of wrist cuffs, or a black and a white pair of wrist cuffs. :) If interested, let me know and I'll take some photos of it. ^_^

Also, I am still selling AP's Miracle Candy JSK and headbow. I am now taking offers for it now, so please make me an offer. ^_^ And I'm also open to trades/partial trades for it as well. I will not split the set.

(mods, if it's only a link to the old sale, do I need to put a !DS in my tags as well?)



Tags: !wtb, *replica, any brand, bodyline, handmade, offbrand
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