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DS/DT 2 handmade print skirts! WTB otk socks, boots, shoes, accessories

Hello! I'm looking to sell these beautiful items! They are in like-new condition and I am the first owner, however they sadly just don't fit! 

-Neither item has ever been worn out by me, only tried on. 
-Shipping and paypal fees are included in the United States (no tracking or insurance - please ask if you want it). Priority is given to U.S. buyers. 
-I do own a cat. Items are always checked for hair before sending and thoroughly cleaned.
-I will not take PM offers, please comment here. 
-My feedback is here. 
-All measurements are amateur. My apologies. 

Orlock's Courtyard Skirt/Headbow Set in Red/Gold by baroquepetrock - $65 

Absolutely stunning print, with gorgeous sparkly lace and a matching headbow. Sadly it arrived a bit too snug for my hips and a bit too big for my waist, and despite getting a small refund, I never got around to getting it altered. Hoping it'll find a more loving home.
It is from the original trial run - as such, the fabric is stiff and has some small faded spots. There is no zipper on this skirt, only half shirring. The max measurements I would give for both waist and hip (or bust) are 37", and I would not recommend this for a waist smaller than 26".

Photos from the seller: 

(please note, it is the red colorway, as pictured here. I would say this stock photo is a little more saturated than the color is, but truer than either of my proofs.)
Proof of ownership (apologies for the messed up color there)
Close up of the print

Iron Gate screenprint skirt by chiaki_ayumi - $70

Absolutely wonderful, soft and detailed skirt. Sadly, just a bit too big for me to wear comfortably. 

Photo from the seller:

Please note: the skirt I have is fully shirred, unlike this one. 

I'd estimate this will fit anywhere from a 27" to a 40" waist. However, like the other skirt, this has no zipper, and so the shirring is all you have to get in and out of it. 

I am willing to trade/partial trade the above for, or buy:
-OTK socks (especially lace-topped) in black, cream, white, red, lavender
-boots and shoes in black and brown for US size 8
-accessories in light pink, brown, red, or lavender

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, any brand, handmade
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