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DS: BTSSB, AatP, Innocent World, Juliette et Justine, Metamorphose

  • All sale prices have shipping and proof of delivery included within the USA , no trades or holds
  • Priority mail is used for shipping within the U.S.
  • I combine shipping
  • International Shipping : $14.00 Priority Mail International, $28.00 for EMS. I will only use EMS to ship to Italy. I will also automatically lower the value on the customs form for you and mark as a gift.
  • I will not consider a cheaper method for international shipping. I understand wanting to save some money, but please also understand that international shipping is expensive, and this is what has worked well for me up to now. If you do not like my sale terms, then I apologize, since it seems I will not be able to help you any further.
  • I have recently joined the ranks of unemployed college graduates who are desperately looking for a job, so I will be able to ship items within the next day. Excluding, of course, Sundays and Holidays.
  • Item will go to the first person who gives me their Paypal address. Inquiring about an item does not mean you have priority towards it, neither is leaving your Paypal address to place a "hold" on it and ask questions. Once Paypal address has been received, I will send an invoice, and payment is expected within 24 hrs. Failure to do this will result in me canceling the invoice, and giving the item to the next person in line. I will also automatically screen your Paypal address.
  • I will only ship to the address in your Paypal file
  • I am no longer taking offers through PM's
  • Prices are not negotiable, the markdown on these items is already pretty low
  • I retain the right to refuse to sell to anyone
  • Items come from a smoke free home, but I do have a short-haired dog that sheds like crazy. I have tried my best to not allow
    any hair to get on the clothes, but there might be a few strays here and there.
  • All items have been gently washed and ironed, or taken to the dry cleaners prior to being posted for sale
  • Paypal only, please. No e-checks.
  • EGL Feedback here
  • I have put up as many pictures as I could find of the items for sale here. If I have a picture of it being worn, it will already be in the sales post. Measurements given are what I consider to be on the "safe" side, if I feel that an item can stretch a bit more, then it will be reflected in the measurements/description given. Please also remember to allow yourself about 2-4cms of wiggle room.
  • Please read the terms, if you ask a question that can be found in the terms, I will ignore you as I will be busy with other inquires.
Important update: Paypal has restored my account, everything is back to normal.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and Alice and the Pirates items

AatP Knit Bolero $50.00 SOLD

Bust: 90cm
Length: 43cm
Sleeve Length: 60cm

Item is in good condition, bought from the Baby store in San Francisco in December of last year. Only worn once, fabric has some stretch to it and the bolero is quite comfortable.

Tulip Applique School Bag-$30.00 SOLD

Length: 26.5cm
Width: 35.5cm

Item is in fair condition. Used many times to carry my notebooks, and pencil cases when I was still attending college. Very sturdy. Has a slight discoloration on the back, upper-right hand corner:
Sales 038

Sleeping Beauty JSK-$170.00 SOLD

Bust: 89~99cm
Waist: 74~84cm
Length: 93cm

Bought off the Baby website when this print came out, worn only once. Dress is in good condition, has partial shirring and laces up in the back.

AatP Logo Fur Cape-$95.00 SOLD

Length: 41cm

This was another item I bought at the Baby store in San Francisco last year. As you can tell by the second pic, the collar can be worn in two different ways, there is a pair of loops and buttons to help you either put the collar up or down. This was worn only once, on New Year's eve, item is in good condition. The cape was surprisingly warm , and I'm assuming the fact that it is lined helped a great deal. Very cute item, I received many compliments that night.

Innocent World items

Emblem Embroidery Cardigan-$45.00 SOLD

Bust: 86~90cm
Waist: 70cm
Length: 50cm
Sleeve Length: 60cm

Bought off the Innocent World website, never worn, in very good condition.

Black Bolero-$40.00 SOLD

Bust: 86~90cm
Length: 40cm
Sleeve Length: 62cm

Bought off the Innocent World website, lovingly worn several times. Item is in good condition.

Crepe Weave Skirt in Beige in size L-$120.00 SOLD

Waist: 62~80cm
Length: 56cm

Brand new, never worn, with tags still attached. Item is in very good condition, I noticed a small stain within the thread of either the first or second row of ruffles on the skirt. It is very small, and unnoticeable unless pointed out, but I think I should highlight this small flaw nonetheless:
Sales 005
I could not find any other issues with the skirt. Skirt zips up on the side, has a small panel of shirring in the back, and laces up as well.

Crown Embroidery Skirt-$110.00 SOLD

Waist: 58~76cm
Length: 55cm

Bought off the Innocent World website, lovingly worn once. Skirt is in good condition. Gorgeous bustle in the back, zips up the side with partial shirring in the back.

Juno Skirt Size L-$80.00 SOLD

Waist: 62~80cm
Length: 51cm

Bought off Innocent World website, worn many times. Skirt is in good condition, partial shirring in the back and laces up as well.

Tuck Flared Skirt-$70.00 SOLD

Waist: 63~72cm
Length: 55cm

Bought off Innocent World website, lovingly worn several times. Skirt is in good to fair condition. When I received this skirt back from the cleaners, I noticed that they had used safety pins to hold the skirt up on the hanger. The skirt now has two pinhole marks on the waist band:
Sales 046

They are hard to notice, but I thought it important to point out these small flaws.

Ribbon Scallop Pochette-$20.00 SOLD

Width: 25cm
Length: 16cm

Bought off Innocent World website, lovingly used many times. Purse is in fair condition, there is some slight scuffing on the inner flap:
Sales 034

Rose Ribbon Knee-High Socks Blue-$8.00 SOLD

Bought off Innocent World website, never worn. Socks are in very good condition.

Rose Ribbon Knee-High Socks Pink-$7.00 SOLD

Bought off the Innocent World website, worn a few times, socks are in good to fair condition. There is obvious staining on the soles, and there was a bit of piling around the rose design(I've taken care of this, the stains where next to impossible to get rid of. I washed them several times without getting much of a result)

Ice Cream Cone Knee High Socks-$7.00
Sales 014

Coordinate idea from Innocent World's blog

Bought off Innocent World's website, worn only once. Socks are in good condition.

Metamorphose items

Teddy Cutsew-$25.00 SOLD

Bust: 87~90cm
Waist: 81cm
Length: 47cm
Sleeve Length: 53.5cm

Bought off Metamorphose website, lovingly worn several times. Cutsew is in good condition.

Flower Basket Cutsew-$20.00


Proof of ownership


Bust: 76~91cm
Waist: 71cm
Length: 47cm
Sleeve Opening: 27cm

Bought off the Metamorphose website, never worn. I did wash it, and the bottom hem of the cutsew came completely undone:
Other than this flaw, the cutsew is in fair condition.

Rose Embroidery Pochette-$8.00 SOLD

Length: 17cm
Width: 22.5cm

Bought off the Metamorphose website, and used many times. Pochette is in fair to poor condition, there are several spots around the corners of the purse where it is peeling and showing signs of wear:
Sales 027
Damage on lower left hand corner

Sales 028
Damage on lower right hand corner

Sales 029
Damage on right side of shoulder strap

Sales 030
Damage on left side of shoulder strap and material around zipper

Sales 031
Damage on upper right hand side of zipper

Sales 032
Damage on back of purse

Juliette et Justine item

Creme Sucree Chemisier Size 2-$90.00 SOLD

Bust: 93cm
Waist: 73cm
Length: 61cm
Sleeve Length: 65cm

Bought off JeJ website, worn only once. Blouse is in good condition, except for a small stain found near one of the button eyelet on front of the blouse:
Sales 019
Blouse has lacing in the back for easy adjustment.
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