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DS: emily temple cute shoes, jsk, shirley temple shoes, sandels, hime gyaru sandals and roon wear

姫3連リボン低ヒール刀白サンダルHIME 3 RIBBON LOW HEEL WHITE SANDALS             2,580 円yen

姫ルームウェア セット 2点 HIME ROOM WEAR SET 2items       3,990 円yen

SHIRLEY TEMPLE エナメルストラップリボンピンクシューズENAMEL STRAP RIBBON PINK SHOES           4,800 円yen

SHIRLEY TEMPLE 赤リボンサンダル RED RIBBON SANDALS            3,880 円yen

EMILY TEMPLE CUTE オフ白定番大きいリボンシューズ OFFWHITE SPECIAL BIG RIBBON SHOES               9,850 円yen

EMILY TEMPLE CUTE 黃ギンガムいちご JSK                9,000 円yen

♪Thanks for your interest, if you are very sensitive person, and anything want to be perfected, please do not purchase, sorry about that m( _ _ )m
♪All items are included shipping! (USD$3.5=JPY400yen will be added if ship to South America) including South America too :) 
♪I am taking whoever can pay first and the highest offer!
♪ Used items have been cleaned and ironed.
♪I will do HOLDS, USD$5-$10 for the non-refundable deposit !
♪No trades, exchange, returns,refund, and claims
♪Paypal + 4.5%  (I will send the invoice in JPY, sorry for the inconvenient. Pay your invoice in JPY, the amount is less than USD. USD's invoice +6.5% paypal fee, please let me know if you want your invoice in USD) Or you may send me a payment as a gift, that would be 0%paypal fee.
♪I will add USD$3~$4=JPY320yen for tracking number in the invoice, if you dont need it, please let me know before I send your invoice, I will not add it in the amount.(only for 3000yen value below) I will response any items get lost unless the item has tracking. Otherwise I will not response any items get lost.
♪If you would say that you have not recevie your NO tracking item and you say that is the seller's fault, Please add the tracking to avoid this happen.
♪For the customs declaration, I will mark your item as a gift and lowest for the value. Please understand some items of the packing might be opened for the customs being checked.
♪I will send your item on the next day.
♪Feedback can be found at loligoth database   
  either my livejournal
♪Feel free to ask questions, if you want to make a purchase, please say so. Dont leave a comment such as "is it still available?" and run away. If it's not available anymore, the details will tell you the item is SOLD.
♪Adding tracking for Accessories & Socks, the charges would be : US$2~$3=JPY240yen
♪ Please read the details of description before you make a purchase

Shopping Service for ANNA HOUSE

Shopping Service for Taobao
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