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!DS : leaving lolita sales: BTSSB, A&P, Algonquins, Sex Pot Revenge, Offbrand.

Hi girls !

This is a leaving lolita sales, so everything must go !
Here a few informations:

- I live in Paris, France
- Shipping fees are not included;
- I'm not responsable for the lost or the deterioration
- I'm not smocking and I don't have any pets.
- There is two possibilities about the sending: by Collissimo with tracking code, around 15€ worldwide and 6€ for France, or I send it in a large enveloppe, without tracking code but the price is around 5€ worldwide and 2€ for France. It's also possible to do an hand delivery on Paris.
- I only use Paypal (except for french customers, cash and checks are possible).
- It's usually an unique size, but I wore them when my size was L/XL.
- Don't hesitate if you need more informations !

My feedback page here !

1. Alice & the Pirates Chandelier skirt (gold and black version)

Bought: 170€
Sold: 100€
Condition: I wore it twice, no damaged. It's a free size because of the elastic.

Official picture:

Image Hosted by

My picture:

2. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tartan Babydoll JSK (pink version) SOLD
Bought: 200€
Sold: 80€
Condition: worn a few time, no damaged.

3. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright black cotton OP.
Bought: 150€
Sold: 60€
Condition: worn a few times, no damaged. The bow is removable.

4. Algonquins shirt SOLD
Bought: 60€
Sold: 15€
Condition: worn a few time, no damaged

5.  Algonquins asymmetrical tunic

Bought: 70€
Sold: 20€
Condition: worn once. No damaged.

That's all ! I hope you're interested, and again, don't hesitate to ask me something, about anything !

6. Sex Pot Revenge shirt

Bought: 30€
Sold: 10€
Condition: worn once. No damaged. Size M.

7. Offbrand skirt

Bought: 70€
Sold: 10€
Condition: worn a few times, no damaged. Free size.

Tags: !ds, algonquins, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand, sex pot revenge
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