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WTB: Little Lady Skirt or inexpensive Innocent World skirt/jsk!

Hello again everyone ^^ 

I live in the UK, so please include shipping to there in your offers! 

My measurements are:
Bust - 34 inches 
Waist - 26 inches

I am looking to buy an Innocent World skirt or jumperskirt for a reasonably inexpensive price, because I want to add a little more classic dress/skirt to my current very sweet wardrobe, just for a change ^^ 

But my main wtb is for the Innocent World Little Lady skirt!! I really would love to buy this :D 

But as for the classic jsk/skirt ~ 
What I'm particularly interested in:
Animal prints
Colourful Floral prints
Plain dusty pink or sax


What I'm not interested in: 
Black and white floral prints
Ruffled dresses 

Thank you for reading :D And please show me what you've got, the worst thing I can say is no thank you ^^ 
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