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DS: Gothic stuff. Reposts and some new ones c:

Please take a look at my sales


Please read the rules and description carefully before buying.
If you have some questions about items, feel free to ask!

R U L E S:
I ship from Poland.
I'm always very open to any reasonable offers because I want all my things to go
Please make an offer but priority goes to the buyer who can pay full price
I don't smoke and don't have any pets, only a brother
Prices are in USD with shipping included to Europe, if you are a buyer outside of EU, please add 5$ to the price
This time the buyer has to cover PP fees. So I'll add 5% of the price to your invoice. Or you can send me money as a gift to me to avoid paying PayPal fees.
I ship with Polish Mail as soon as I can after receiving the payment
The "shipped" price does not include a tracking number
If more photos are needed - just ask!
I'm not responsible for lost packages, so no refunds or returns

~ i t e m s:

1. Offbrand mini-hat

Description: I wore it once but I guess I don't feel comfortable with mini-hats. I ordered it from a shop and then customized by myself; in front there is a ribbon and a rose with a little diamond, above two silver roses (they were earrings originally). At the back there is a leather bat. The hat is decorated with lace all around. It cost me some work but since I don't wear it anyway, it's time to find for it a new home! + I will ship it in a big envelope since it came to me also in an envelope and nothing bad happened to it. But if you want me to ship the hat in a box - it will cost extra.

Price: 35$ 30$ SHIPPED IN EU

2. Silver rose pendant

Description: New and unworn, it was a gift but I really don't have anything to wear it with. Kind of old-fashioned rose style pendant. Length of the chain is 37cm x2, the pendant's diameter is 5,5cm.


3. Bodyline arm covers

Description: Worn once with a dress that has been stolen from me. They were an accessory. I wore it one more time without the dress also, they can be an element of a nice gothic outfit since they are simple and elegant. The lace is also very beautiful. It's an old Bodyline piece. They are in excellent condition, just the little elastic things shown on the last photo can be a bit stretched.

Price: 10$ 8$ 6$ 4$ SHIPPED IN EU

4. Cross necklace

Description: Was made to order for me, so it's a unique piece! Simple and elegant with dark-rose and delicate purple beads. The length of the necklace is 28cm x2.

Price: 12$ SHIPPED IN EU Payment pending.

5. Crown earrings

Description: New and unworn silver earrings, the fleur-de-lis ones had been already sold.

Price: 10$/pair SHIPPED IN EU

6. Aristocrat elegant bustle skirt

You can see this model on it's etsy listing with some photos: HERE.
But please note that mine is all black!

My photo:

Please note that I was using flash while making this photo. The skirt is not that shiny at all! I can provide a better photograph of it tomorrow morning, with a better light!

Description: It's a wonderful piece that I had bought some time ago. I used it for Aristocrat coords but then I lost weight and this wonderful skirt started just to slip off me. It's doing a really good job as an overskirt, with some other one under it, but it can also be worn in many other ways! The ribbons can be untied and then you get a superlong straight skirt. You can tie and style it as you want.
It's made of a kind of heavy, very good quality silky material. It gives the skirt this elegant touch.
The skirt condition is mint. I had it on a couple of times but then I put it in my closet, because I thought I may do something to fit in it again. I care about my clothes so the skirt is clean and looks as new.
Since it's made to order, when I bought it I had 98cm in hips. These are not max measurements since the material belt is kind of elastic.
I can't make it smaller to fit me, so I think it just have to get another home!

Price: 55$ SHIPPED IN EU

If you don't like the price, please feel free to make an offer! All prices are negotiable!

T h a n k i e s!
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