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!DS Victorian Maiden Floral Jsk, JeT Jesus Dress, MmM Mini Hat, Deoart, Ozzon, Alice Auaa!!!

Hello! I am selling this stuff to empty out my wardrobe and to also pay for my college tuition so please help me out a little. I try to take good care of most of my things some of my stuff i did buy second hand so some of the flaws came to me that way. I have feedback here:

Victorian Maiden:

Burgundy X Gold Lace Jsk 240 usd + Shipping (10USD in US and 16 outside US):

Bust: I would say Max about 35 to 36 inches no more than that
Waist: 27 inches
Length:36 inches
I bought this one brand new off the site several years ago. I only wore it a few times and it looks barely worn almost new. I don't have the tags anymore since i moved. It needs a new home and somebody that will wear it more than i did.

Juliette et Justine:

Crucifix Dress in White Shatung Silk: SOLD

Bust: 36
Waist: 27
Length: 39 inches

I really do not want to sell this dress, but it seems that I have to right now. Please do not ask me to go lower on this dress. It is a lovely print and it's even lovelier in white with the black print contrast.
Moi meme Moitie:

Rare Blue Cross Lace Mini Hat SOLD

I also bought this one Brand new This one Will go great with Iron gate and almost any of the blue version of any Moitie prints. I have only worn this like two times. I don't really wear mini hats all that often since I don't have the chance to participate in many lolita events. This hat sold out rather quickly when it hit the site several years ago. Please Mind the shipping charges; I need to safely pack this one to avoid it being damaged during shipping.

Deoart Hoodie SOLD

Bust: 37 Max
Waist 29 Max
Hips: 38 Max
Length: 28

This item has been worn several times and washed several times so the price reflects on that. the silver on the back in a bit faded but otherwise the item still has plenty of life still in it and it perfect for punk lolita. it has a sort of double zipper going on so you can open the hoodie at the bottom to make room for your lolita skirts. the hood is pointed sort of like devil horns. it's really cute!

Alice Auaa Guaze Tunic SOLD

Bust: 36
Waist: 27

I bought this top secondhand and wore it about two times. It has been washed about three times.. It still has plenty of life left in it and if perfect for a gothic look. It's very sturdy and has a cool gauzy look.

Ozzon Top SOLD

Bust: 37
Waist: 28
Length: 20

This Top was purchased secondhand it's in pretty good condition, however the fleur de li charms are damaged as they came to me that way and one is missing this is why the price is so low. You could replace them if you wanted to. Other than that the garment itself is in great condition. the fabric is very stretchy and could probably fit a bigger size. this would be great for punk lolita.

Lolita Hair Accessories

I kind of hoarded Hair Accessories for years now it's time for me to let go of some of them.

Grey Pom pom Socks : 2 USD
Burgundy Large Rose Headband: SOLD
RedX Black Rose Bow Headband: 5 USD
Sparkly Black Rose Headband: 6 USD
Black Rose Hair Clip: 5 USD
Cream Rose Hair Clip:SOLD
Navy Rose Headband: SOLD
Rose Garland Headband: SOLD
Silk Red Rose Headband: SOLD

Thank you for looking!

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