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DS/DT/DA: chocomint, btssb, ap, milk, mega closet cleaning.

I Ship from USA
USA first class tracked

USA shipping and pp fees included
i require tracking, this makes overseas expensive.( + appx $15)
I will do NYC face-trade


PINK: OB - $18
GOLD OB - $18

ending OCT 10th at 9pm EST

plus 2 minutes each additional bid thereafter.
bid min is  +$1.

I tried like hell, but i can't look good in skirts. Goodbye everything, and some other things too.

Proof Photo:
My blue doggy.
(That's not the star for auction)

MILK chiffon skirt $80 OBO

I never got to wear this skirt, and i adore the print so i'm so upset to let it go, but i can't wear skirts. Look terrible on me. I bought this from a user, who also didn't wear it. No damages. It's from a Jewelry collection. It's little bit of a subtle pink, but the picture makes it darker than it is.


Melty Chocolate Replica $75

Bought from my friend, we both wore it a few times.  I really love how it fit me, but i'm not a fan of melty chocolate. It's time for a new home. Comes with headbow, smaller chocolate bow, and wrist cuffs (not pictured, just ask).  The hem lace is brown.


Offbrand Skull Skirt $45 shipped

Another one i'm sad to sell, as i adore this print. It's folder over the hanger, so it looks smaller than it is. It's an offwhite color. I think another LJ member made this, i never wore it, i don't think anyone else did. It's partially shirred, opens with a clip and has a halfway zipper for easy use. Nice seams. bye bye pretty skull skirt :'<

Offbrand pink Cardi with lace back $15

Worn once or twice. I just never wear it anymore. Nice for summer.

F21 pink cardi $18

Was trying to wear with skirts. Bye bye pretty bow cardi :'<

Offbrand Blue cardi $20

I think another LJ user added the bows and lace, but it's so cute. It's a tad small for my bust and also, i bought it for skirts. Bye bye cute bow cardi :'<

detail: (fuzzy trim!~)

Super old BW AP dress $65 (waiting on offer from FB friend)

I bought it to pair with an apron as a maid dress, and i just don't think i'll wear it again. There is some yellowing around the edge of the collar. Zips up the back.

Yellowing collar detail:

(shameful early loli days D'x)

BW BTSSB boddice $60

Fully shirred, i never did get to wear it. I was hoping for a nice skirt to match but i never did get one. Onward to a loving home :<

Putumayo Skirt + halter set $100

Took me ages to find a match.  I prefer to sell as a set unless buyers for both are available. Unbearabley sad to sell this, but i look so gross in skirts. /crying.

above pic is from the previous owner. proof.

American Apparel Splatter Tights $22

Limited edition. I wanted to wear these for fairy-kei, but i just never got to wearing them. I feel like i should give them a real home. baibai colorful pretties.

close up:

TRIPP NYC skull chiffon dress $48

Fully lined with black fabric, it was altered by the previous owner to
snugly fit a 32 bust.  It is advised for someone 5" tall or under and
there are waist ties which are not removable. If you were to investigate the dress,
you would notice the altered stitches are not seamstress quality, but
they are also not at all noticeable when worn.  Since i fell in love with it,  i
bought the original in a fitting size.  There are no damages to the

a website selling the dress with stock pics: here

DT: BTSSB Sugar Bouquet Shirring OP
(or  T/O)
Details: this dress is fully shirred, It had at least one
owner before me and it came missing the bow at the waist and the two
black bows at the top. however, i have F21 bows that nearly entirely
match the ones that should be there and i'd be willing to include them
on request. The dress was carefully taken care of. Note: I actually
really love this print, but i just feel like i'd like to try something
different and i can't afford to buy a new dress right now. Maybe one day
i'll hunt for it again, it's such a versatile piece

stock details via hellolace:


What i'm looking for and willing to add $:
(also possible WTB)


HOLY STORY NIGHT white or blue.

Friend Kumya-chan
JSK or OP MUST have headbow or bonnet in mint, cream, black, or yellow

Nearly entirely ivory or lavender JSK or OP (pref with headbow)



pink blouse, cutsew, or cardi

really need these ... def, wtb.

pastel and fairy kei items

brands: MILK, Putumayo Sexpot, BP or BPN

shirts with bright prints

More sales:

chocomint bronze bunny card ring: $8

Brown Meta Tea party LL shoes $65 shipped OBO

Sorry for the awful pics but the DS is the only cam i have. I wore them
once and i am the second owner. They came new. I can't find stock pics.
They come with clip on bows, heart buckles, and the straps have hearts
as well as the ruffle on the front. There is a small amount of scuffing
in two places, but otherwise there's nothing wrong.



AFC: (appx 1 week)

puffy heart gold / pink Type A (black) : simple. $14
Type B (pink) : complex: $17
30% off additional hearts

either type can be made in either color.
can also use gold chain/metal parts.


<-- lol there's my dog

Other sales: GO EOS contact lenses here

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