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DS: 4 Innocent World JSKs, AP Toy Fantasy Skirt, IW Cardigan, Blouse, Parasol, 4 pairs of Socks, etc

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Stripe Jaquard Bustle JSK

Back Stock & Specs @ IW Bigger pic Pull

$130+8 S+H 32-37 inch bust, 24-31 waist. New, unworn, has a little pull as shown

Faux Fur Collar Cardigan

Without collar Stock pics & other details

S+H Bust is 34-38 inches and the collar is removable. The collar lays
down fine, but for some reason, it easily turns up on one end if you
don't set it straight. For faux fur, this looks/feels real

Long Sleeve White Blouse

Stain on back

+ $4 S+H Bust 36 inches, waist 29-30 inches, has waist ties, 21 inches long. Has a stain on the back as shown, so it's price is slashed because
you can't wear it outside of a skirt, but it works fine tucked in and inside of JSKs where the stain doesn't show

Roman Trump JSK (short version)

Proof Back Snag

$150 +8 S+H.30-38 inch bust, 24-32 inch waist, 37 inches long. After
about 2 minutes of searching, I found a tiny snag near the waist.

Joanna JSK

Back Snag 1 Snag 2

$140+8 S+H 32-38 bust, 26-31 waist. Has a couple of difficult-to-find snags as shown
Ashley Embroidered JSK (Long)


Detail Back Bigger pic W/o detachable bow Back Stock pic & Specs @ IW

$140+ $8 S+H, 32-36 bust, 25-30 waist, 43.5 inches long

IW Socks

12+$3 S+H for the Knee socks. They have a couple insignificant runs as shown 1  2

15+ $3 S+H for the over knee socks They have a faint stain as shown 1
IW Gertrude Skirt

Proof Detail Back Detail

$130 + 7 S+H Waist 22-28 inches. 23.5 inches long,It's new with the tags.


Angelic Pretty Merry Go Round Cutsew

$56+4 S+H Brand new with tags. 30-36 inch bust
Emily Temple Cute Beige Cutsew

$16 + 4 S+H Excellent condition with no damages. 32-40 inch bust, 20 inches long
Heart E Classical Straw Hat


$20+5 Shipping. This is a mini hat.


$250 + $9 Shipping. It's brand new. 26-28 inch adjustable waist. Can be adjusted down a few more inches.

Bani Rabbit Bow Shaped Purse

$32+10 S+H. Brand new, never carried. It has a nice soft texture to it.

Metamorphose Glittering Chandelier Socks


$28+3 S+H. They are new with tags
Secret Shop Socks

$8 + $3 S+H. New and unworn.


Folded More of the parasol

$18+ $7 S+H
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