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Shojo Kakumei Erin

DS: Screen printed Spooky Puppetshow fabric - ONE LEFT

Hello, everyone! Welcome to mind0vermatter's screen printed fabric hour! After my last sale I got a lot of requests for more puppet circus fabric, so here it is!! I take paypal and I ship internationally. First person to pay takes priority.


Tell us about the fabric!
-The fabric is on 100% cotton. Each piece is 3 yards long and 44" wide. It is printed on one selvedge.

What about the print?
I use high-quality, durable plastisol inks that can be safely machine-washed. They have a slightly raised surface on the fabric. Note that the last print on each cut of fabric nearly always goes off the edge, but I always do a partial print to ensure the maximum amount of usable area. I'm very picky with my prints and never sell a piece of fabric with bad or botched prints, but I'm so awesome that never happens anyway. Ha.

My favorite print that you've done has sold out! What do I do?
-You're welcome to tell me which one it was and if I get enough requests I usually reprint it. However, I'm a student and I work full-time doing screen printing for the company I actually work for, so it tends to be kind of a rare occasion. Sorry!

Do you accept trades?
-I'll consider them but I don't usually accept them. Feel free to offer if you have something that is black and punk-y or biker-y or gothic, that's like all I wear, but know that I probably won't go for it unless it's something I really, really want. Like I've always wanted Meta's Swan Lake stuff, man, I'd probably roll for that. Or Twinkle Journey. Good stuff.

This isn't very many questions. Did you really need a FAQ?
-Probably not.

OK! Now for the goods! I have three (3) pieces of black fabric with gold Spooky Puppsetshow print on it. It's spooky because I like weird and creepy things, so please notice that there are skeleton ponies, eyeballs, and a bear trap instead of cutesy stuff.

Each piece costs $45 including shipping within the US and $52 including shipping internationally.

PIECE 3 - available

I also still have a piece of black x white mermaid fabric around somewhere, ask if you're interested.
Feel free to ask any other questions! Thanks for shopping! :)
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