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Repost: Meta Babydoll JSK

quick info: 
- i`m shipping from germany
-i don`t smoke
- i have a dog, but she`s not in the house and i normally keep her away from my stuff ^ ^
-all prices are in EURO €
i`m not looking for trades right now, i need some money for new dresses! ^ ^

i`m trying to sell a few of my things
at first:
my Metamorphose 2010 Winter Lucky Pack Jumperskirt


the waistties are detachable and it`s fully shirred
i think it`s possible to go from very small measurements up to a 100 cm bust (i`ve got 87cm chest)
it`s 91 cm long, made from a heavy and nice fabric
asking 110 EUR
shipping national: 5 eur
international: 15 eur

bought it directly from meta-site in december, but it`s never been worn outside, just tried on a few times.
sadly i don`t feel good in it, though it`s so pretty! ; 3 ;
some details:


thanks, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
^ ^

Tags: !ds, metamorphose
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