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DS! Lots of brand and off brand at reasonable prices.

Please read first:

+ I ship from the UK, preference goes to offers in the UK/Europe but I will consider all offers!
+ Not interested in trades at this time, sorry.
+ Please do make offers however! I really want to sell everything here. Only short term holds (1-2 days) will be considered though.
+ Priority goes to those who leave their paypal first.
+ Prices don't include shipping, I'll work that out for you after.
+ Feel free to ask any questions!
My feedback is here:

Angelic pretty cutsew   SOLD

Proof photo

 This photo is from previous seller, it's better than my photo though!

Great condition! Too small for me though. :( 

Bust: 30" unstretched 36" stretched (it was fine on my 34" bust)
Length: 16"
Recommended for under 5'5" (unless you have a smaller torso than me!)

£30 (originally paid £40)

Angelic pretty replica crown shoes   SOLD

Proof photo

Stock photo (note: does not show scuffs or wear)

They are from GLP. I haven't worn these, they have some scuffs (on the inside) and some marks of wear. Nothing all that visible from a distance, though. Gave them a good clean anyway! Condition wise you get what you pay for since I'm not asking much. 

UK size 5
£7.50 (originally paid £20)

Angelic pretty replica bag   SOLD

Proof photo

Photo from previous seller

Not used by me. Found it a little bulky. Has a little amount of wear, but not much! It came without an additional over the shoulder strap (though it really doesn't need one).

£5 (bought for £5)

AATP white veil headband/head dress   SOLD

Proof photo

Was sold to me as AATP but has a Baby label so not entirely sure. Very pretty though! My hair (which is pink) slightly rubbed off on the inside on the hairband. I have cleaned it since but there might be slight markings. However it wont show when you're wearing it. :)

£25 (originally bought for £35)

Angelic pretty Cosmetics OP

Proof photo

Has the detachable sleeves, great condition. Worn once by me. 

£80 (bought for £100)

Please feel free to haggle. Prices under the asking price will be considered if no one meets the asking price after a day! Thanks. :)
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