Jessie (hiimjessie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Ds ap miniskirt x 2 ap JSK x 2 iw etc and more!!

Nee to get rid of some old stuff that I never wear!!
Feedback page is :
Everything will be shipped within 3 working days.
Am more than willing to haggle on prices

Etc knit cardi.
Bought new, never worn.
Its adorable but I just can't work the short sleeves!!
£35 shipped.

Ap frill marine mini skirt.
It's mint, it's all frilly and cute.
I'm 5'6 and it was mid thigh. Can fit range if sizes due to customisable waist band.
Never worn.
£45 shipped.

Ap mini skirt.
This one is fab, the tulle is so soft!!
The bow has come undone slightly, but that's just cos of a loose stick easily replaced.
Hit mid thigh on me and again can be customised to fit.
£55 shipped.

Ap country of sweets JSK
Ah it was my dream dress but I've only wore it twice and can't justify keeping it.
In perfect condition, ah it's fab!
£170 shipped.

Innocent world chess jsk.
Again love it but I've just never worn it enough.
The colour is brown and the back is funnily shirted
£130 shipped.

Ap dreaming macaroon halter jsk.
-I'll get a better pic if you want-
In perfect condition, I've worn it once and since I live in not so sunny England it's not gonna happen again sadly. So my loss is your gain.
£150 shipped.

Remember ill haggle!
Thanks for looking!!

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