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DS: Btssb, AP, Bodyline, Skirts, OP, Coat, Cutsew

Hi! ^^

I want to sale some Lolita clothes I do not wear anymore.>

Important notes:

My feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1075116.html

- I only accept paypal (and I prefer non-cc)
- I will ship from Germany with Tracking
- non smoker but I have two cats, sorry, if you will finde some cat hair
- and I mostly washed the clothes but didn´t ironed it, as you see on the pictures,
because I burnt a little bit of my favorite print one time and be a little bit afraid of, that
it will happen again. Sorry, for that.
- no holds and no trades
- if you have questions, don´t hesitate to ask me ^^

Here are now the clothes I sell:

Baby, the Stars Shine bright:


"The world´s most adorable dog and the world´s most delicious frappe" print
colour: sax (light blue)
size: Length: 92 cm / Bust: 92 cm / Waist: 74 cm
Worn just 4 times, washed but without stains and in good condition.
The dress has no shirring!
price: 160,- Euro

My pictures:



Cute Cutsew with glittering teddy print
size: XS ~ S (it´s very small, I have the size M and it suits me, but doesn´t look so good, so it will suit better ona petite person)
Good condition, because I didn´t worn it really.
price: 35,- Euro


Mary in the sky with candys skirt
colour: ivory
size: Length: 49 cm / Waist: 60 ~ 70 cm
I wore it just one time, in good codition but has one litte stain.
price: 55,- Euro



Alice in Funfair skirt
colour: pink
size: : Length: 49 cm / Waist: 60 ~ 70 cm
good condition, worn just one time
price: 80,- Euro

Angelic Pretty:


Royal Poodle high waist skirt
colour: red
size: Length: 86,5 cm (+ 5 cm Lace) / Waist: 63 cm
good condition, the bow can be removed
price: 110,- Euro

the bow:



Rabbit Coat
colour: pink
size: M (small L, the coat is a litle bit too big for me)
The coat holds warm but I think it isn´t maid for minus dagrees, I think.
You can wear it with the bunny ears cape and without it. It has some stains.
price: 50,- Euro

without cape:

with cape:

the stains:

If you have any questions, then please ask. ^^

Oh, and because I posted not yet at egl sales and be not so active at egl, here are pictures of me to proof you, that Im not fake or something. ^^

Thanks for reading. ^^

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