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DT: Vampire Forrest/Requiem for Wonder Story collared JSK, plus (DS) small closet cleanout.

- I ship from Australia.
- I will ship 1-3 days after payment is received, let me know if you need your item to be shipped off sooner, and I'll see what I can do.
- Shipping internationally will only be via registered post. It's a tiny bit more expensive, but there's no chance of the package going lost forever.
- Prices are negotiable (no silly offers, or you will be ignored).
- My feedback is here.
- If you need any additional information/photos, please don't hesitate to ask!

First off, I'd love to trade my Vampire Forrest, or possibly my Vampire Requiem JSK in navy for your Wonder Story collared JSK in wine or black colourways only! I would much prefer to trade my Vampire Forrest, please keep this in mind. It'd take a lot for me to part with the VR JSK.
If the Vampire Forrest isn't enough, I can pay the difference. Would be interested in matching socks/headbows (if applicable)!
I'll also be interested in trading the Vampire Forrest for the Fruits Parlour JSK in red or black colourways!

My photos:

Photobucket</a> Photobucket</a>



Waist: ~80cm.
Bust: ~94cm.


Waist: ~86cm
Bust: ~100cm.

Sale stuff:

1.) BtSSB blackxwhite shirred JSK - $90USD + shipping OBO.


I love this JSK but I have too many fully shirred JSKs now! This was one of my first JSKs back into Lolita this year, and it has been loved all the way through. (:


Bust: I'd say up to around 120cm.
Waist: about the same as the bust. I'm a 39" waist and 33" waist and there's plenty of room to spare!

Will you trade this for anything I may have?
Sure! I'll trade this for a non-fully shirred (so half/partially shirred would be best) Baby JSK in black, or blackxwhite! Will need to fit the measurements I've stated above (I think a sized L JSK would be fine!). If you think you have something similar, feel free to show me! No pinks or browns. I would actually be interested in seeing sax coloured items. (:

Additional photos: (back of the JSK).

2.) Metamorphose old-school gothic blouse - $50USD + shipping OBO.
(MODS: please note, I don't actually remember how much I priced this as last time I posted it up, so if I'm incorrect, please let me know!).

I can take a photo of this on my dressform. I took this photo before buying one, so let me know if you'd like to see what it looks like on a person(ish)!

Upon receiving this blouse, I decided it's just not my taste. It's beautiful, but I was attempting to get into Gothic Lolita, and quickly found it's just not my thing! It has beautiful detailing on the back, and would be perfect for Gothic coords, as well as kodona/boystyle outfits!

Due to the fabric fitted under the armpits (by the previous owner) this blouse can accomodate a bust size up to around 98cm. Waist can go up to about 86cm!

Will you trade this for anything I may have?
Yes! I'm very interested in cutsews. I'm currently in need of sax and white cutsews (since I have too many black ones! :P). Any brand is fine, extra brownie points for sailor-styled cutsews, or this cutsew in any colour:


Additional photos: (back detail).

3.) Metamorphose red large head-eating bow - $25USD + shipping OBO.


Really cute and big headbow! I'm selling this because it just doesn't suit me like I'd hoped it would! Really good for OTT red outfits. It easily slides off the headband so it can possibly be used for other parts of the head. The bow also has a wired comb for extra security on your head. Wired bow so you can shape it how you want!

Will you trade this for anything I may have?
I'll be happy to trade this for whatever you have! Just show me. (:

4.) Replica star brooch/hair clip - $12USD + shipping OBO.


Really awesome replicas by an Etsy seller! I originally bought these to go with a Sugary Carnival replica for an event I didn't end up going to. I sold the replica, and forgot I still had these! Due to the circumstances, I have nothing to wear these with. I had them custom coloured to match the Sugary Carnival JSK/OP/SK in black colourway. Will also match other AP prints of the same colours, since they're very soft pastel colours!

Will you trade this for anything I may have?
I'll be happy to trade this for whatever you have! Just show me. (:
Sold, thank you!

5.) White offbrand flower headband - either $5USD + shipping OBO, or free with any order above, just pay whatever the extra shipping charge would be (I just need this gone to make some room!).


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