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DS/DT Metamorphose Swan Lake and more!

I am selling my swan lake skirt with waist ties. I have worn once and it has otherwise been stored. I have drastically changed my style over the last year or so and it just doesn't suit me.

Location: southern California
I have my feedback posted here:


- I accept payment through Paypal or if you are someone I personally know we can work a payment method that works for you.

Priority goes to the person who posted first and then pays within a timely manner, otherwise Priority goes to whomever posted second, etc.

Payment in a timely manner should be no longer than 3 days (if by paypal). I will send a courtesy notice/reminder around then.

-Shipping is NOT included, but PP fees ARE.

Once payment has been made, item will be shipped out that week. If it made and processed during a weekend, I will mail the following Monday (unless the post office happens to be closed, which I will ship then on Tuesday) I will send emails to confirm the item being sent etc.

If you wish for more pics, please let me know and I will put up more.

I have Sesshomaru here as my proof:

OK! and now for the items!

1. Meta swan lake skirt: $105.00. Includes detachable waist ties. I am the 3rd owner and have worn the item once. Have had it almost a year and realized my tastes have changed quite a bit since I bought it.

2. Anna house Blouse: $40.00
Bought off the sales com months ago and I know for certain that Peter pan collars are not my thing. They might be for you though!

3. BABY 2011 Accessories Lucky pack bunny $18.00

too sweet for me. It has a strap for being a cell phone charm as well as a metal strap for being a key chain. Twice the versatility! .
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