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DS/DT: Two Pink Boleros~


Priority goes to person who puts their paypal down and can pay
I can ship everyday except for weekends!~
shipping + paypal fees are not included~
Please haggle if you feel my terms are unreasonable~

My feedback link can be found here:

Hello! I have two gorgeous boleros for sale or trade because I realized I wanted some variety in life (and my apartment is too small!!)~ My trade wishlist is on the bottom!~

The first one is a Pink Glittering Knit Bolero~ (85 obo) TRADED

Hellolace Link:
Back View:
Flaws: There are no flaws with this item!~ I've only worn it twice and I am the first owner!
Additional Info: This front bow on this bolero is actually a pin!~ So you can take it off and pin it onto other things if you wish~! 
Measurements: B:36 

The second is a Hearts Ribbon Polkadot Bolero~! (65 obo)

Hellolace Link:
Back View:
Flaws: There are no flaws with this item! I have only worn it once, and I believe the previous owner only wore it once as well!~
Measurements: B:36

I would love to trade these for other boleros that can fit up to a 38 inch bust and have elastic sleeves!~
I would also be interested in both of them for  ONE coloured AP blouses with shirring!~ (I'm a huge fan of sax, pink, and lavender) 
I'm also looking at a few bags such as the AP Lollipop bag or the Candy Pop bag!~ 
But show me anything~!! Worst I can do is decline ^^

Thank you!~

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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