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WTB: Winter Coat ~ Show me any coats from anywhere in the world!

My feedback can be found here:  http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html

So basically we had a heatwave at the start of October/end of September and suddenly winter has hit my windy little city in Britain really hard and I was unprepared so I'm looking to buy a winter coat to keep me from freezing my bloomers off!

** edit: I'm searching for SEVERAL coats so even if it looks as though I've bought one I am still looking for more  --  yes, UK is very cold for 3 seasons each year for me!
-Style MUST be knee length or just above knee length (i.e. the about length of the average lolita dress or just a little longer). I'm 5ft 1 so I don't want anything too long.
-Any colour , any print or design. I'm willing to look at all offers.
-I prefer EU sellers (both for shipping cost and since I won't be charged import tax) however I don't mind looking at worldwide offers too :)  Please give me a shipping quote to UK!
-Brand, offbrand, or indie brand is fine to offer -- I decide on the style and warmth rather than the brand.
-I prefer feminine styles over punky ones.
-It must be able to comfortably fit me! My figure is usually 35" bust, 24" waist, and 36" hips  (but it does fluctuate an inch either way!). But of course I will need room in the coat to move and wear layers!

-My budget is variable depending on the item. I'm more concerned about getting something I like!

** Extra note: If the total is £100 or less I can pay immediately in full, but due to cash flow if the price is higher than that I can pay a deposit now and the rest sometime before next Monday. I want to get dibs early so that I know I definitely have one to buy (I'm worrying about it a lot!) but I need to get paid! Please bear this in mind!  (So it would be like a hold or payment plan but for less than a week :3 ) 

Thank you for helping me out!

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