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DS: Algonquins, Meta, h.Naoto, IW, Moitie, Off-brand (8+ week repost and some new)

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I accept only non-debit/non-CC Paypal. I will screen Paypal addresses after payment for safety reasons.
◆ My sales are first come, first serve for whoever fills out the form first. Full asking price will get priority over offers. I may wait up to 6 hours on offers in case someone can pay the full asking price.
◆ Payment is due within 24 hours of invoicing. If you do not pay by the deadline, I will move on to the next interested buyer.
◆ Feel free to make an offer or ask a question! :)

Shipping and Handling:
(This is an abbreviation of my policies. For more details like transit time and insurance claims, check my feedback page above.)
I will ship via USPS Priority with delivery confirmation by default. While International shipping is available, it will cost extra (delivery confirmation is not available for USPS Priority International). Please note your country if you are an international buyer so that I may calculate shipping. Feel free to ask for a shipping quote beforehand.
◆ I offer First Class/Parcel Post shipping to only International buyers as a cheaper alternative, but they cannot be tracked nor be insured. I’d like to request to see some feedback if you choose International First Class/Parcel Post to ensure a safe transaction for both parties.
◆ Insurance (covers only the cost of the item) and Express shipping are available upon request for extra fee.
◆ I have not lost a package to date, but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages if you do not purchase insurance.
◆ Buyer will be responsible for customs if applicable. I can mark down the amount upon request, but beware if you’re also getting insurance.

When you’re ready to buy:
Use the form below to reserve your spot in line whether you are paying the full asking price or making an offer (please note offer as well). Please remember that I am including domestic Priority shipping, which is faster and generally safer, but a little pricier than First Class.

Item name(s):
Paypal address (you can PM it if you wish):
U.S. or International buyer? (if international, note country):


I’m desperate to get rid of these tops, so I’ll accept just about any offer! Don’t be afraid to make an offer!
Whoever buys all 3 h.Naoto items will receive the TRIPP jacket for free AND a shipping discount! (International shipping may cost extra pending on country and method used--feel free to ask for a quote)

h.NAOTO h.anarchy white skull print camisole [USED like new] --- $48 $38 $30 including S&H to U.S.
h.NAOTO h.anarchy black white skull print cami cutsew
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 15" bust/waist, 12" long from armpit to bottom, can stretch more to fit a US Medium (maybe Large)
◆ Worn once for few hours

h.NAOTO h.anarchy twofer cutsew [NEW with tag] --- $75 $60 $48 $36 including S&H to U.S.
h.NAOTO h.anarchy twofer cutsew
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 31" bust at rest, 30" waist at rest, stretchy cutsew material, can stretch more to fit a US Medium (maybe Large)
◆ New with tag, never worn

h.NAOTO Blood black gauze corset cutsew [USED, one grommet is loose] --- $60 $48 $36 including S&H to U.S.
h.NAOTO Blood black gauze corset cutsewh.NAOTO Blood black gauze corset cutsew back bottom-right damaged grommet
More pictures of this item here:
◆ Approximately 36" bust, 31" waist. Corset front and back and semi-stretchy polyester gauzy material that can stretch to accommodate maybe few more inches, can stretch more to fit a US Medium (I’m not sure about Large)
*** One grommet on the back bottom-right side is loose from the fabric, but it doesn’t get in the way of wearing the cutsew

TRIPP zip lace up jacket US M [USED like new]
TRIPP zip lace up jacket
More pictures of this item here:

Getta Grip 14 hole steel toe boots UK 6 [USED] (beware of black scuffs) --- $80 $64 $55 OBO including S&H to U.S. YOUR OFFER (shipping not included, leave country name or ZIP code for quote)
◆ I would prefer this to be U.S. only. Since these boots are tad more than 4 lbs. in a box, they are over the limit for First Class/Parcel Post shipping. International Priority shipping would be too expensive, but if you are willing to pay for international shipping, ask for a quote.
Getta Grip UK 6
Getta Grip UK 6 details and damage explanations
More pictures of this item here (larger picture sizes available):
◆ Heavy steel toes and soles. Tag reads UK 6. I normally wear US women’s 7.5 or sometimes 8, and these are pretty big on me. I think it will fit wide feet as well. The picture you see is after the cleaning. I tried to clean off the scuffs as much as possible, but some still remain (white shoes…>.<). There are yellow discolorations on the inside of the boots near the ankle area, and there are the usual creases around the toe area from normal wear. The blue-gray fabric on the inside of the boots have peeled a little at the heel, but the foam/cushion soles are fine. Aside from the damages mentioned above, the condition of the soles and the leather are in good shape. I’d love to keep wearing it, but it’s just too big for my feet.

Algonquins cream frill strap cami cutsew [USED in good condition] --- $52 $46 including S&H to U.S.
Algonquins black cream frill cami cutsew
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 26" waist minimum laid flat, 28" bust minimum laid flat. Stretchy cutsew material that should definitely stretch up to U.S. women’s M, maybe a little more.
◆ This is a cream, almost kinari-colored, cutsew. The frill straps are adjustable at the back. There are gathering details at the sides.

Metamorphose black white border knee socks [USED in good condition, some pilling on ankle] --- $22 $18 including S&H to U.S. SOLD TO xmordecaix
Metamorphose black white border lace knee socks
Metamorphose black white border lace knee socks achilles detail
More pictures of this item here:
◆ Bought new and worn once, washed---BUT I wore these with shoes that had ankle cuffs, so it’s a bit pilled at the Achilles area from friction (SEE PHOTO).


Moi-meme-Moitie black Two Step Lace Collar blouse [NEW without tag] --- $110 including S&H to U.S.
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 35" bust approximately, 33" waist approximately, no shirring
◆ Rare old blouse from 2002, originally priced at ¥16,500 including tax. I got this new with tag from an auction a while ago, but I’ve lost the tag since and tried it on briefly once. I didn’t like how the collar looks on me, so off it goes to someone who’ll appreciate this more.
◆ More info on Hello Lace here >>>

Innocent World pink Museum Bear tote [NEW without tag, some stitching issues] --- $28 including S&H to U.S.
Innocent World ミュージアムベアー pink tote bagInnocent World ミュージアムベアー pink tote bag flaws
More pictures of this item here:
◆ I got this as part of the Oddment LP. It’s new, but I found two flaws. First, the stitching at the front side of the tote around where the strap meets the body of the tote. There are two spots where the stitching is loose. Second, the area right underneath the loose stitching is missing stitching altogether as if it was snagged on something and torn off. I’d suggest stitching this part to secure it from further damage. I’ve put up close-up photos to show the flaws--the thread is quite reflective in this pic, so please take note of the flaws.
◆ Can fit notebooks or a textbook. It doesn’t match any of the pink items I own, so I’m selling this.
◆ More info on Hello Lace here >>>

Off-brand pearl bow necklace [NEW with tag] --- $14 including S&H to U.S.
Off-Brand pearl bow necklace
◆ This necklace is not hypoallergenic. The bow portion of the necklace is quite heavy.


Off-Brand phone strap necklace charm

When you fill out the form, please mention which item you want:

1) Off-brand heart phone strap [NEW with tag] --- you could easily put this on a chain and wear as a necklace
2) Off-brand white plumeria flower necklace [USED several times, in fair condition] --- the chain and pendant aren't so shiny anymore, but they've still got some life left in them
3) Off-brand ice cream cone charm [NEW without tag] --- this was actually a key chain, but I took it off to use as a necklace. It has a split ring so you could even attach it to a charm bracelet.

* These are not hypoallergenic jewelries, so please be aware if you have allergies.

Thanks for looking, and feel free to ask any questions or make offers!

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