Luna Lovin (luna_lovin) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Luna Lovin

TRADE: AP Salopette w/ OTKs, AP jewelry, AP totes, scrunchie


my location: Germany
currency: is in EURO €
shipping: both have to send with tracking (insurance through agreement)
feedback: Luna's egl feedback page
trade: yes

 I am NOT willing to sell atm! Please don't ask!!!!

 I want to trade my AP items for your AP items only!!!!

(Don't offer self-made items or other brand items, please!)

- NO partial trade, because my pp-account still can't be used!!
- I might consider to sell within Germany!

Angelic Pretty jewelry (partially reduced on Wed. Oct. 19'th)

1.) Lyrical Bunny headband (price: 20 Euro ---> NOW 15 Euro) 25% OFF 
*one ear broke and was glued back on - can't be seen when worn*


2.) Lyrical Bunny ring (value ca. 12 Euro) *SOLD*
* one ear broke and was glued back on - can't be seen*

3.) Marine Heart ring (price: 15 Euro) *SOLD*
* like new*

3.) Candy ring (value ca. 15 Euro) *SOLD*
* like new*

4.) Party Ribbon bracelet (price: 30 Euro) *SOLD
* like new*

5.) Whipped Cake bangle (value ca. 20 Euro) *SOLD*
* like new*



Angelic Pretty Happy Candy Salopette w/ Candy Treat OTKs *SOLD*

Salopette (black):
- worn a few times
- still in like new condition
- Candy-pin is missing, but comes with another AP pin (see photo)

OTKs (pink):
- worn a few times
- few stains at the sole (see photo one and two)

price of the whole set: 180 Euro
trade: see wish-list below



AP Novelty items (REDUCED on Wed. Oct. 19'th 2011)

1.) Little Bear's Cafe Mini-Totebag (price: 18 Euro ---> NOW 10 Euro) ca. 45% OFF
*used a few time, but still like new* 

2.) French Cafe Bento-Bag (value ca. 10 Euro) *SOLD*
* used only twice, but still like new*

3.) Wonder Cookie Scrunchie (price: 10 Euro ----> NOW 5 Euro) 50% OFF
* worn a few times, but still like new*


my ANGELIC PRETTY wish/trade-list
* I am mostly looking for items on my wish-list, but will consider other trades too (AP only pls!)*
Just show me what you have! ^^

skirts and dress (I prefer dark colors)

bags (I prefer black & brown, blue, lavender and white are ok too)

jewelry (plastic only please)

boots (size 24,5cm)

wallet (any color, any style)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! 

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty
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