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DS: Rare AP favorites ahead~




I'm located in USA, Georgia.
All Prices are in USD.
I ship internationally.
Paypal transactions only, please!

All of my clothes are babied when/if worn and then stored away in a clean, spacious, smoke- and pet-free closet on either velvet or wooden hangers.
Damage, if any is well noted in the item's description.

Feel free to ask lots of questions and give me offers of your preferred price.
I'm not interested in trades unless it's expressly noted in my wishlist provided above. My egl feedback link is provided above.


Buyers are prioritized by the order that paypal addresses are left.
Payment is expected within the first 72 hours.
An item left unpaid after 72 hours will go to the next person in line.

I am more than happy to do holds and payment plans. Usually my policy is that I require half of the total cost as a non-refundable deposit that holds the item to your name. Please note in your comment your unique needs and time constraints for a payment plan.


Shipping and paypal fees are not included but they are modest within the US.
Please leave me your location so I can quickly calculate the cost of shipping for you.

International Customers: I ship internationally with the understanding that, in the US, international shipping can be unfortunately sizable from time to time. It is my policy to insure and track all packages that leave my hands to international destinations especially.

I'm pleased to say that I've never had problems with customs charges. I disclaim a package once it has left my hands and I cannot take responsibility for any unfortunate customs charges you may receive on a rare, off chance.

Thank you for reading! On to the sales!


Bow DS: More closet cleaning! Bow

My apartment is still only 250 square feet and I still have too much lolita inside.
(Something I once thought was impossible.)
 PROOF PHOTOS: 1, 2, 3, 4.  

2008 Bloom jumper skirt, White.

Brand new, never worn!
I bet you haven't seen this one before, or at least not for a long time!
Perfect for the collector or an AP fan who enjoys dabbling in Mori or Dolly-Kei fashions!

2011 Chess Chocolate jabot jsk, Pink

To my recollection, the only one in this style and color resold as of yet :)

Comes with tag and (pretty cool) proof of authenticity! :)

Worn once for a couple of hours.
Dry-cleaned and in perfect condition, ready for you! :)
575 USD
(And yes, I do any kind of payment plan you need :3)

2009 Silky Princess skirt, Ivory

Worn once by me, flawless condition!
Here's another for the Mori lovers. 
If you love cream colors, chiffon, and elegance you're really getting your money's worth with this AP skirt.
Probably the best quality AP production I've come to pass. Very HNNG. Haha (*≧▽≦)
160 USD

2008 Magical Étoile skirt, Sax

Flawless. Can't say it hasn't been worn, but it sure looks like it.
Perfect condition, especially considering it's age. 
Includes that brooch that always seems to be missing.
230 USD

2009 Lyrical Bunny Polkadot ring, Pink

Cutest bunny ring in the universe
38 USD

2009 Tokimeki ring, Pink

A staple!
38 USD

2009 Angelic Pretty jelly tote bag, Pink x Polkadot

Absolutely adorable. Carry all your things in your new jelly tote :3
45 USD

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your business <3
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