pinkunamida (pinkunamida) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT: Pink Starry Night Theater OP + headbow set to SNTJSK or OP in blue or black

Hello! I want to trade my pink SNT OP and headbow to your black or blue (i'd actually prefer the blue version) SNT OP/JSK+headbow set.

- My feedback
- I ship from Finland
- I bought the dress used and I have used it once.
- NOTE! The dress misses 4 buttons, from the sleeves and from the waist. I can replace the buttons, but I doubt I can find anything looking just like the originals, so if you want keep your buttons, I'm ok with that. :)
- I only want to trade to the blue or black version.
- Measurements (from Bust: 90-100cm waist: 70-80cm

Stock photo:

My photo:

Tags: !dt
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