chatiel (chatiel) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB : blouse (ETC or other brand/offbrand), shoes

Hi !

I'm from France.
I can pay with Paypal.
Here is my feedback post :

I'm looking for a blouse/shirt to go with my ETC skirt and tie ! I'm not decided on the color, so you can propose white/off-white, black or beige/ochre ^^ I'm looking for brand or offbrand, but I don't want anything above 30/35€ shipped.

I'm also looking for shoes. The only pair I got to wear with my loli dresses is no more so I need a new one :( I want something classical, not too fancy but cute.
I'm looking for black or brown shoes or boots, maybe white. Show me what you have ^^ Replicas/offbrand are fine.
Size : EU 37/ Japanese : 23cm

Thanks for reading <3

Tags: !wtb, *replica, emily temple cute
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