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DS/DT: Auburn Wig and cute plush shirt

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Things to know:

♥ No refunds, exchanges, or returns unless you have a serious issue and we talk it over, then I might agree to it. If I do, buyer needs to pay return shipping
♥ I ship from West Chester, PA. You can do local pick up if you want to save shipping ^^
♥ I accept paypal and trades only
♥ You can contact me through PM or email (
♥ Prices do not include shipping
♥ Terms may change
♥ I do ship internationally, but be aware of shipping costs. I don't know about other countries, but I know shipping to China is at least $50.
♥ Items go to whoever give me their paypal first
♥ I have a cat, but she doesn't generally go anywhere near my clothes
♥ My WTB list for trades is at the bottom


Cute Plush "Not a banana" shirt
Size: M
Condition: Used, but good. Worn 5 times.
Price: $15

Auburn/Orange/Ginger Bob
Condition: Used, but good. Worn only twice, because I didn't really like it's coloring on me.
Price: $15

WTB (For Trades):

Specific items I'm looking for:
Brown lace-up boots
White blouses

Any other items:
I'm not looking for any black items, accesories, bags, socks. I'm not looking for any shoes other than the brown lace-ups ^^" I am interested in any clothing that's a color other than black ^^ And I'd also be interested in red/pink/strawberry bows ^^

Feel free to ask me any questions ^^

Thank you very much!

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, offbrand
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