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DS: Closet Cleanout! BTSSB, IW, Handmade, Cyperous, Bodyline...Lots to sell!

Important Info:
Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/540165.html
*All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home
*I am not accepting trades right now, sorry.
*I am not a professional photographer! I do the best I can, but please keep that in mind and don't hate on the pictures and stuff.
*Priority goes those who leave paypal address first and who can pay full price (item cost + full shipping). You may add a paypal address to an inquiry if I've forgotten vital information,  but the sale must be finalized within 24 hours or I will go to the "next in line."
*Shipping is included in the US (please keep this in mind), outside please ask. Insurance is extra, so if you want it let me know!
*I accept reasonable offers, but please keep shipping cost in mind! 

BTSSB Cutsew/Nightgown --  SOLD
Condition: Like new! Only tried on once (I got excited and didn't look at the measurements before I bought it. It ALMOST fit me. ;-) ). This OP is so lovely and soft!
Bust: Pretty free size due to shirring. Previous owner said 44" max, I'm 31" and it was a teeny bit big on me.
Waist: 33" Max, can go smaller due to waist ties

Innocent World Angel Land JSK (Long, green) --
Condition: Very Good, only worn a 2 times and well taken care of.
Bust: 86-100cm
Waist: 62-73.5cm
Length: 108cm

Offbrand Navy Blue JSK Set (JSK, bow and headband) -- $75 $55
Condition: Used, but still PLENTY of wear left! I've received many compliments on this, but I need the money so I'm selling it. I tacked some red ribbon into it for a Fourth of July meet, but I made it so it can easily come out (there's white ribbon underneath). You can leave it in or out, your choice. ^_^
Measurements:  Bust: 31", shirred and can probably go a bit larger
Waist: 27"
Length: 36"
 It's a semi-replica of this jsk from IW (the bustle in the back is white).

I was very picky to find possible flaws, and I found the following (and priced accordingly):
Lace ends: 

Possible stain on neckline (I can't tell, sometimes it seems off-color and sometimes not. NOTE: this jsk has only ever been worn with a blouse underneath, and I've never noticed the 'stain' or tried to get it out.):  

Anna House Blouse Size M --  SOLD
Condition: Very good, worn a few times.
Bust: 34"-36"
Waist: 28"-30"

Stock photos

ITS "Poofy" Petticoat --  SOLD
Condition: Very good! Barely worn, it's not my poofiest petti (I like a LOT of poof).
Waist: 30"
Length: 21"  


BTSSB Pink LP Bow (modified) -- $25   $20   $18

Condition: Very good! I took out the bottom layer to make it less huge, but I'm including it so it can be easily added back in.   

Bodyline Mary-Janes --   SOLD
Condition: Like new, only tried on once.
Size: 23.5 (fits about US size 6.5-7)

Gabalnara Clip-in Fringe (Auburn)  --  $26
Condition: Tried on three times before admitting it didn't match my hair color (ever loved something so much you wish you could make it work by sheer willpower? XP) New other than that, tag detached but included. 

Stock photos. It's the 오렌지브라운 color ("Orange-brown," click the second-to-last option to see it or just scroll down and look for the reddish one), and is made from the Prima-H materials. So nice and soft!


Cyperous Curly Long Wig -- $65  $50
 Color is a dark brown.
Condition: Worn once for a photoshoot. Stock photos and more info here.


Cyperous Hime Wig --  SOLD
Condition: GORGEOUS! Only worn once.
Stock photos here (may not be exactly the color, but shows the style)

Mint/Violet Pansy Fabric (183" x 54") -- $18

Condition: Like New! The only rub is that I'm not sure what kind of fabric it is...I think some sort of polyester/cotton blend. Not really shiny, nice and sturdy. 

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, handmade, in the starlight, innocent world, offbrand
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