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Urgent DS/Possible DT: BTSSB OP

My feedback (none as of right now): http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1421208.html
eBay feedback (100% positive both as a buyer and a seller): Clicky

I listed this dress before as a DT and had not put down a possible price. Now I think it would be best if I sold it, so I am reposting it.
I bought this OP new from the BTSSB store in San Francisco not too long ago. It's an absolutely gorgeous dress, but it was an impulse buy and I'm just not sure if it's my style.
It's only been worn once and is in excellent condition.

Lolibrary Entry: http://lolibrary.org/node/7643
The neckties, waist ties, and sleeves are detachable. There is no shirring and none of the bows are detachable.
My measurements are 86cm bust and 69cm waist and it fits well.

Stock Photo:


Detail Pictures: close-up of print // front // sleeves

Originally, I was looking to trade this dress for another OP or JSK, but right now I think it'd be best if I sell it. Though I'm still open to trades. See my full wishlist here: clicky

Asking price: $370 (not including shipping) OBO.
I paid a lot more than that for this dress, and it sort of hurts to sell it at a significantly lower price, but I need the money (broke college student fail) and would like to have it as soon as possible. I might be willing to haggle, but I really do not want to go much lower.
Payment plans are acceptable as long as I can have the full amount in my account by the end of October. PayPal only, please.

Thanks for looking! =]
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