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!DS metamorphose Honey Picnic Set (Lavender) SOLD, THANK YOU!

Here's my feedback from eglfeedback and my personal journal.

~Shipping from CA, USA
~Price includes Paypal fees and shipping for U.S. buyer (Priority Flat Rate + delivery confirmation + insurance); international buyer must leave a comment and ask
~I have the right to refuse to sell to those with negative feedback
~I will not accept trades because I need money right now

~Please provide link to your feedbacks so I know you're not a suspicious buyer
~Items were inspected to the best of my ability, and once they leave my hands, I'm no longer responsible (no returns, no refunds, no exchanges, etc.)

~I only accept Paypal, (NO E-CHEQUES) and currency is in USD
~I expect immediate payment. Or I am willing to hold this set for you if you leave a NONREFUNDABLE $30 deposit. Once paid, I will ship the day you pay or the next day depending on my work schedule; usually I will ship right away.

Those with Priority:
~U.S. residents have absolute priority
~First person to leave their Paypal gets the item
~Highest offer gets item

Metamorphose Honey Picnic Set (Lavender) - $350 $180 SHIPPED (includes Priority Delivery + Delivery Confirmation + Insurance + Paypal fees for U.S. buyer)

metamorphose's stock photo:

My proof photos of the JSK and headbow:

Set includes: JSK and headbow
I will not split this set unless I have 2 buyers who are absolutely set on buying. Therefore pricing will be:

JSK: $160 shipped (Priority mail) SOLD TO dandyhuck
Headbow $20 shipped (Priority mail) SOLD TO calavinister

This set does not include the socks because the socks have stains at the bottoms from wearing them outside (stupid idea, I know); the set only includes the lavender JSK and the headbow.
My asking price has been slashed in half. I originally bought the whole entire set from the website before the series was placed into lucky packs.
I have not found any stains. I have only worn this set about 3 times and I have taken very great care of it. I am the first owner.
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