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DS,DT btssb OP, AP JSK, IW skirt, AH bonnet, AP hoodie; WTB: IW bonnet

My feedback
I am from Russian Federation
Due to paypal policy, i can't get payed using it, but i definitely can pay with it

Sale & Trade
On hold for tatsuya kamitsuki Baby, the stars shine bright Gingham Rose OP set in pink
Proof photo
The OP was used once and cleaned gently; it's in perfect condition. Due to official information, measurements are: 87cm length, 82cm bust, 76cm waist, 65cm sleeve length (short sleeves: 26cm), but i have 62 cm waist and it fits nicely. Unfortunately, i realized that it's not my cup of tea, so i'd like to sell it or possibly trade; my mini- wishlist can be found in the bottom of the page^^
Price: 200$ shipped worldwide

In process of trade Innocent World Nicolas fruit skirt in pink

Proof photo
The skirt had never been used and is in perfect condition. Measurements are 55cm length, 56~70cm waist. This was an impulsive buy and it doesn't fit my closet, that's why i am selling it. Also i accept offers in trades^^
Price: 150$ shipped worldwide

AP Crown print hoodie

I own it second hand, but have never used it. It's flawless, the print is clear and rhinestones and on their places. Max measurement of bust is 92 cm, waist is pretty much free.
Price: 55$ shipped worldwide

Anna House bonnet in blue

Proof photo
This piece is never used and was lying in my closet for a long time. it's very stiff and lovely, just bonnets don't suit me^^'
Price: 40$ shipped worldwide

Trade Only
AP Sugar Pansy babydoll JSK in lavender

Proof photo
This had been used 4 or 5 times, but still in good condition. I'd like to trade it only for regular JSK version in lavender, or possibly other color. Only trade for this item, please

And i am in desperate need for Victorica dress's bonnet in ivory for my friend.
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, angelic pretty, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world
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