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!DS Lots of bodyline~ skirts, blouse, wa-loli sets, + accessories and offbrand


I ship from 17315 in the USA . All prices include shipping with track+confirm for anywhere in the USA
Paypal only

inquire for international postage

Bodyline skirts:

Blue & black princess skirts: (SOLD)


waist: 30in max 
length: 22 in

These have both only been worn once or twice and are in perfect condition. The lace is really nice quality on these! They both include their waist ties and detachable bow

price: 33 usd shipped

Pink long sleeve bodyline blouse:

bodyline's measurements:
Length 50.5cm
Bust 94cm
shoulder length 37cm
sleeve length 63cm
Waist 74cm

This is in perfect condition also only worn once or twice. 

price: 42 usd shipped

Pink and white Gignham bodyline Dress set:



bust: 40 in max
waist: 30 in max 
length: 37 in

This dress set includes a pink gingham dress with detachable sleeves. It also has a pink and white apron with a cat design. It's in perfect condition and was only worn once. 

price: 60 usd shipped

Bodyline Wa-loli sets:

orange/red/black wa-loli:


It looks like this worn just with a different print:

obi: 32 in 

yukata and skirt sold, the obi and headdress are still available. Note obi comes without the patterned string just the plain black part.

price: 19 usd shipped

Melody doll print replica wa-loli set: (SOLD)



bust: n/a it ties on so it's very adjustable to all bust sizes. Note this one is different from the other wa-loli set. The yukata part is longer and is like a dress. It forms the top and the skirt. 
length: 35 in
waist: 30 in or so. the obi has shirring

This includes the yukata top part which is a dress, the obi (pictured on top of yukata), and also a matching headbow. Only worn once perfect condition.

price: 60 usd shipped

Red and black bodyline gothic dress:


bust: 38 in max
waist: 32 in max 
length: 35 in

This dress has adjustable straps with the buckle, also it has buckles that go around the bust which can be taken off. Also it has a chain belt with metallic cross charms. Note only the one side has red under the zipper. It can be zipped up to match the other side or unzipped for an asymmetrical style. The dress has a panel of shirring on the back but it's not that stretchy. I have only worn it once and it is new condition.

price: 60 usd shipped

Bodyline black mini top hat:

i have only worn this once before it's in perfect condition. It's not that stiff so it requires some working with it when you wear it. 

price: 12 usd shipped

Offbrand gothic/punk lolita skirts:


this one is a size L

waist: 40 in max
length: 20 in

i have only worn it once and it is in perfect condition!

price:  32 usd shipped


this one is  a size M

waist: 34 in max
length: 19 in

only worn 2 times perfect condition! 

price: 32 usd shipped

Thanks so much for looking at my post! feel free to ask me any questions you might have~
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