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DT: AP Wonder Cookie JSK in pink/pink AP cutsew

Hello ladies~

I am looking to trade my Wonder Cookie JSK in pink! It was my first brand piece, but sadly it doesn't really suit me! I bought it used on here, and I have worn it a couple of times. There's no damage on it that I have seen. I'd like to stick to trading for another JSK, but I might consider something else. I prefer AP, BTSSB, and Meta. No offbrand, please! I prefer prints as well. Prints that I already own and are NOT interested in are Little Bear's Cafe, Dreamy Dollhouse, and Honey Picnic. Also, I am NOT interested in selling! Only trades, please!

Onto the pictures!

The measurements according to Hello Lace are
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 69 cm
However, this dress is shirred and I know or a fact that it can go MUCH larger. I have a 91 cm. bust, and 73 cm. waist, and this dress fits me with plenty of room to spare.

The other item I was looking to trade was this pink AP cutsew. It has detachable sleeves. I bought it used on here, and I've only worn it once, as it doesn't really fit me. The only damage is a small black spot that's not very noticeable. It was there when I got it. I'd be willing to trade for another cutsew or blouse, or possibly a purse. Whatever you might have in mind!

My measurements, for reference to what I'm trading for are,

Bust: 36
Waist: 29

Here is a link to my feedback!
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